8 Cool Stats on Enterprise Tablet Adoption for 2012

8 Cool Stats on Enterprise Tablet Adoption for 2012
August 28, 2012

cool tablet statsEnterprise tablet adoption rose significantly in the first half of the year. These numbers help tell the story.

While some industries have been quicker to embrace enterprise tablets than others, there’s no doubt that mobile devices are trending upward for businesses across the board. Of course, with so many employees today using their personal iPads for business purposes, many companies don’t have a choice but to start riding the next wave in mobile computing.

But whether your company is purchasing tablets for employee use or instituting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, you’re hardly alone. Don’t believe me? Check out the numbers below for insight on the type of impact tablets are having on the enterprise this year. And for more details on leveraging iPads for enterprise communications, download this exclusive report.

#1. In Q1 2012, the iPad made up over 97% of all enterprise tablet activations. Android-based tablets made some headway in Q2 to see that number drop to 94.5%, but I doubt Apple HQ is losing much sleep over it. (Source: Good Technology)

#2.  As of April 2012, a whopping 94% of Fortune 500 companies were either testing or deploying iPads for enterprise use. If you want an iPad, but don’t want to pay for it, try getting a job with a Fortune 500. (Source: The Mac Observer)

#3. The enterprise could account for as much as 35% of total worldwide tablet sales by 2015. Unfortunately, this number includes BYOD tablets as well. Once again, if you want a free iPad, your best bet is to work at a Fortune 500. (Source: Gartner)

#4. In fact, tablet shipments for enterprise use could reach as high as 96 million units in 2016. Last year, less than 14 million enterprise tablets were shipped. That’s what we call a pretty decisive upward trend. (Source: Vertic)

#5. About 67% of tablet owners used their devices to work remotely in 2011, with web access and email being the most common functions. In other words, chances are that tablets have already invaded your enterprise, whether you have a BYOD policy or not. (Source: Velositor)

#6. While the United States and France lead the way in enterprise tablet requests, the U.S. is also the most concerned about what it could mean for IT security. Spain, on the other hand, remains undeterred, with 90% of IT managers planning for adoption to grow over the next two years. (Source: ReadWriteWeb)

#7. Tablet adoption is on the rise in many industries, but none more so than financial services. In fact, 45% of all tablet activations in Q2 2012 came from the financial sector, while no other industry even cracked the 10% barrier. (Source: Good Technology)

#8. Studies show that 44% of business executives report using tablets for work purposes, compared to 30% of salespeople. The iPad benefits for mobile sales reps have been well documented, but execs spend a lot of time on the road as well. They also like new toys. (Source: Forrester)