Adding Screen Capture Videos to your Brainshark Presentations

Adding Screen Capture Videos to your Brainshark Presentations
August 16, 2012

Have you ever made a Brainshark about a process, but really wished you could show a video of it to your audience? Do you want to incorporate demonstrations and create a richer experience for your Brainshark content?  The best way to achieve this is to incorporate screen capture videos, bringing your PC screen directly into your Brainshark presentation.

This summer we undertook a research project to identify viable screen capture products for Brainshark authors to help make their presentations more effective. We looked at a dozen products outside of our third party tools and two met our criteria of being easy to use, integrate into a Brainshark presentation, and cost under $100 per license. FastStone Capture (Version 7.2) and Wondershare DemoCreator (Version 3.5.2).

FastStone Capture

If you are not a computer software expert and are looking for a simple and quick way to record your screen, FastStone Capture is a great place to start. At just $19.95, users can enjoy a simple toolbar and recorder along with some basic editing capabilities.

The FastStone toolbar is small and simple, sitting at the bottom right corner of your desktop. The recorder window pops up which allows you to choose the screen and audio options you want.

For additional best practices and how-to’s, access FastStone’s Support page via the “Help” option on the FastStone editing window.

Wondershare DemoCreator

If you are looking for a more feature-rich tool set, at $99.95 for a single user license, Wondershare offers:

  • A recording countdown to minimize recording mistakes.

  • Importing additional audio files.

  • In-depth audio editing capabilities.

  • Importing images and customizable watermarks.

  • Adding callouts, animations, and highlighters.

  • Video export options.

Wondershare’s editing window provides a more familiar interface, as it looks just like PowerPoint with slides on the left and animations on top.  On the bottom you can click and drag the audio and slide bars to make them shorter or longer, and on the top you can click the sound button to edit your audio. When you click the sound button, the following window appears:

When you are done editing your screenshot, we recommend the following export settings:

For additional how-to’s and best practices, visit Wondershare’s support page.

As long as you apply these best practices, you can expect the end result to look like this in your Brainshark presentation:



Regardless of which product you choose, make sure to use our best practices for creating a screen capture:

  • Use a USB microphone headset to record the audio with the screen capture, not the computer’s built-in microphone.

  • In Brainshark, choose Preserve original height and width (edit-> attachments-> edit->Preserve original width and height of the video).

  • Set aspect ratio to 4x3 (edit->options->Aspect Ratio 4x3). This option ensures your recording to be as big and clear as possible in your Brainshark presentation.

** Please Note: Neither FastStone nor Wondershare are available for Macs. While we have not tested iShowU, it costs less than $100 and is highly recommended by the Mac community.