How Brainshark Cures our Training^* Sales^* and Marketing Woes

How Brainshark Cures our Training^* Sales^* and Marketing Woes
August 10, 2012

customer successSome kind words from our kind users…that make us want to climb to the top of a mountain and scream with vicious excitement...


We have found that being able to communicate key messages to a geographically dispersed sales force can be challenging, especially since everyone has varied schedules and prior commitments. We found that by creating a Brainshark and sending the link, we can have people listen, learn, and reply at their own convenience. We also love the ability to be able to track the level of participation by user. This allows us to be flexible and allow for the salespeople to get the information when they are most able to take the time to absorb it and it also allows us to make sure the message was heard. Today, it is almost a requirement to maximize the use of the technology and software applications that can enable a more productive and informed sales force!

- Sierra Hernandez, Manager, Training & Communications


Dear Brainshark,

    Please let this letter serve as a big thank you for the increase in sales that my insurance agency has experienced since implementing Brainshark. This is something that I should have done a long time ago. Brainshark has allowed me to set my business on “auto pilot”.  I have been using the video presentations and text marketing to present insurance solutions to small business owners. They are directed to my website where they can get a quote and apply right on line. This has streamlined the process a great deal and increased profit margins. 

    When I start a marketing campaign, tracking the emails that get opened, gives me a fresh list of prospects. This certainly beats cold calling! I am also seen in a different light then my competition. I have also been able to keep in touch with my existing clientele to keep them up to date with the latest changes in the insurance industry. This has resulted in a steady stream of referrals that are ready to buy the first time we talk. I have also been able to keep up on the latest training from the major insurance carriers that I work with through their Brainshark presentations. 

Thanks again for all the help. Now back to building the next campaign!


Ron Lembo