Enterprise Tablets: Which Industries Are Crazy for BYOD?

Enterprise Tablets: Which Industries Are Crazy for BYOD?
August 21, 2012

As enterprise tablet adoption continues to soar, one industry stands head and shoulders above the rest.

While the acceptance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) appears to be inevitable for most companies, it seems some organizations have been more willing to embrace the trend than others. According to a new report from Good Technology, the financial services industry has absolutely dominated enterprise tablet adoption this year, easily claiming the highest percentage of iPad activations through the first two quarters.

The numbers show that over 45% of all iPad adoptions in Q2 2012 came from financial services, the only industry to crack the 10% barrier so far this year. The report opines that the high number of enterprise tablets directly corresponds with the industry’s increasing acceptance of BYOD when compared to other organization types.

In an article for Bank Systems & Technology, Ojas Rege writes that for banks and financial institutions, the value of BYOD lies in the ability to “[increase] employee satisfaction and [speed] up the rate of technology adoption in the enterprise,” while also allowing those companies to reduce costs on hardware purchasing and deployment.  While concerns over security and legal liability obviously still need to be considered, it seems financial services companies are more willing to address those issues in the name of mobile computing.

Of course, just because financial services makes up the majority of enterprise tablet activations doesn’t mean other industries haven’t begun to follow suit. As the Good report states, sectors like manufacturing, high tech, legal and healthcare all experienced growth in iPad adoption in Q2.

A few other interesting tidbits from the Good report:

  • While iPads accounted for a whopping 97% of all enterprise tablet activations in Q1, the number went down to just above 94% in Q2. This is decent news for Android tablets, which saw an uptick in activations with the help of the Galaxy Note device, but I still doubt Apple is losing much sleep here.

  • Smartphones are still easily the most popular devices in the enterprise. As you’d expect, the iPhone 4S led the way in Q2 with over 30% of all mobile activations. What you might not expect, however, is that the iPad 3 was number two, showing that while smartphones still reign, tablets are making their business presence felt in a major way.

  • Despite being down about 9% overall from last quarter, the business and professional services industry still maintained the second highest percentage of iPad activations in Q2, with numbers rising consistently each month.

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(Image Credit: Good Technology)