How We Use the SlideShark App (Part 2)

August 03, 2012 | SlideShark Users
How We Use the SlideShark App (Part 2)

lawyer ipadLast week, we posted a few stories from our SlideShark users on how they were using the app to their advantage. We’ve gotten a load of more submissions from other SlideShark users looking to get their story out there, so here’s part deux for y’all!  

I use SlideShark to present one-on-one with clients and in small groups for trainings. It is so much more convenient to open a presentation on your iPad rather than having to start your laptop and hope that everyone can see it. With SlideShark I can just hand the presentation over to them and let them look at the slide while I talk to them.                

- Glen

I support 90 lawyers. As they request laptops or equipment for presentations, I recommend and show them SlideShark and explain to them how they can connect to the projector with a cable or our Apple TV for wireless presentations. Our Apple TV is setup with a Verizon HotSpot so they can take it anywhere with them and use it easily. Not having to travel with a big heavy laptop in addition to the iPad they would have taken anyway has been a big plus for our employees. They are taking their iPad anyway and would much rather not have to take a laptop. They like the dependability of the iPad over a laptop. They like the presentation mode so they can see notes while presenting. We love SlideShark - it just works, and that can be hard to find in any app that is having to work with Microsoft Office files.

- Randy Ballard, IT Support, Foulston Siefkin

SlideShark has filled a big hole in the technology of our church. With it, I can prepare worship presentations to share with the entire congregation. I also plan to use it in bible lessons. The church’s computer system is dated and not fully functional. Instead of investing money that could be used for ministry in equipment, I can use my own iPad directly on the video projector. SlideShark is so easy to use, and in the last two months, the app has been updated to make it even better. I love that I can leave notes for the person running the AV station. I really love the ideas that are being worked on now. Being able to insert video will make my presentations much more dynamic while not making it any harder for the AV person. I love the idea of being able to use a bluetooth device to control the presentation from across the room. I'm really looking forward to the future improvements. 

Dave Walton, Elder, Fayette Street Church of Christ

My presentations are given individually to sales people at the retail level. By using SlideShark with my iPad, every sales person receives a training on our products at their convenience. SlideShark is easy to use and effective at any time during a sales call. Presentations are easily accessed when time is tight and trainings of our products is needed quickly. 


I work with small neighborhood stores. Laptops are too intimidating for my non-techie audience. They love to hold the iPad and see my company's story under their terms (i.e, flip slides when they want) and their control. I don't know how I would sell my product in my customers' small store setting in any other way. 

Bassam Khan, CA

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