How We Use the SlideShark App (Part 3)

August 17, 2012 | SlideShark Users
How We Use the SlideShark App (Part 3)

tablet salesOver the past month, we’ve been publishing some of the awesome stories we’ve been receiving from our SlideShark app users. It’s been interesting, fun, and eye-opening to see some of the ways people have been using the app to play PowerPoint on their iPad. Here are a few more stories that we picked out of the steady stream of submissions!

I use SlideShark to display my presentations to large groups of people. From corporate training to demonstrating new technologies, SlideShark keeps all of my formatting and unique presentations the same as when I created them. It’s like a large monitor that displays my professional presentations. I originally used Docs to Go. I had a business trip to Richmond, VA and had to present on short notice. My presentation was on my laptop, but we were demonstrating something that had to come from a mobile device. I didn't want to pack up my whole desk, so I did some research and found SlideShark. I synchronized my presentations and off I went. The formatting all stayed the same, and just completely added to the professionalism of the presentation. I was asked by two people at the conference what I used, and upon showing them the interface, they signed up that day.  

Damon Drake, Applications Administrator, Delaware Electric Cooperative

On a recent trip to Germany/UK, my salesman and I had a firm appointment with a potential customer for Monday morning. On the prior Friday, he was sent an email that the buyer had to cancel the meeting due to time constraints. Nonetheless, we called on Monday to see if we could at least stop in to say hello and introduce ourselves. She said OK and we turned a 5 minute lobby greeting into a 30 minute Power Point presentation about our company and also received a plant tour! That would not have happened if I had tried to boot up my PC and make chit chat while it loaded. The instantaneous "on" of the iPad with slides ready-to-go allowed a short exchange of pleasantries to develop into a complete meeting and capabilities presentation. More iPads and SlideShark downloads are forthcoming for all our sales people. 

- Thomas R. Shearer, Director of Marketing, General Carbide 

I love how easy SlideShark is. You simply upload your PowerPoint and you're good to go.

- Cassie

Now that’s what we call straight to the point, Cassie! Thanks to all of our wonderful users who shared their tales!

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