Just in Time Training with Brainshark & Blackboard

Just in Time Training with Brainshark & Blackboard
August 2, 2012

Most sales representatives can relate to this scenario:  A few months after your sales training program ends, you find yourself forgetting insightful information discussed in a training session. Maybe your instructor had great advice about how to handle sales calls with a difficult client, or helped you come up with a new strategy to close an upcoming sale. Whatever the information may be, you wish you had it in that very moment – but that knowledge is seemingly lost.

One way to eliminate this all-too-familiar scenario is to provide just-in-time training to sales teams. By providing training content that can be accessed any time, anywhere, your sales representatives will be able to leverage new knowledge and skills when it matters most.  This is especially true if your sales team has already been equipped with mobile training solutions that allow them to learn on-the-go.

At Blackboard, we have been working hard to deliver solutions that can enhance just-in-time training for sales teams.  Our recent collaboration with Brainshark has brought together their powerful, cloud-based e-learning solution with our Learn for Sales solution to deliver engaging video content directly within Blackboard.

Here are some of the top ways to leverage Brainshark + Blackboard Learn for Sales:

  • Rapid course creation to speed up the development of sales training content that can be deployed through Blackboard.

  • Formal and informal learning by providing both desktop and mobile-enabled training that can be accessed in a classroom or on-the-go.

  • Enhanced tracking with detailed reporting and in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of every slide.

  • Easy integration with Blackboard and other platforms, including Salesforce.com, so learners can be engaged where they already are.

If you’re curious about Brainshark, view the slideshow below to experience an example presentation. When these presentations are embedded into Blackboard Learn, sales teams can further integrate with other course content, all in one centralized location.

View this presentation in a separate window.

This post was initally published by Lee Perlis on the Blackboard Blog Network.