Ken Okel Uses myBrainshark to Deliver Podcasts & Gain Followers

August 28, 2012 | Ken Okel
Ken Okel Uses myBrainshark to Deliver Podcasts & Gain Followers

The 2-Minute Takeaway Podcast is designed to give listeners easily digestible pieces of leadership advice and training. While the content is serious, fun techniques are used, like special effects, to stress certain points and keep the listener attentive. In this edition, we discuss a common leadership problem: Feeling like you have to roll up your sleeves and help your team. I've learned that this can sometimes be the worst thing you can do. As a longtime myBrainshark user, the podcast feature gives me another way to market my expertise as well as gauge the audience's interest in a particular subject. And while my podcasts is on iTunes, not everyone uses that so it's advantageous to have another platform to showcase these audio presentations. I've also found that fans of my podcast often will view my more traditional myBrainshark presentations.

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