VideoFest 2012 Recap: 3 Days of Great Brainshark Presentations

August 22, 2012 | Irwin Hipsman
VideoFest 2012 Recap: 3 Days of Great Brainshark Presentations

videofest replay

For 3 consecutive days in August, Brainshark hosted its first Video Festival. The purpose was to share a wide range of presentations created by Brainshark authors. Lauren Forest, a summer intern in the marketing department from Assumption College curated the 40 presentations into

Day 1:    animations, Animations, ANIMATIONS

Day 2:    Using Interactivity to Increase Engagement

Day 3:    Videos, Graphics, Attention Grabbers & More

Hundreds of people watched the VideoFest and in addition to showing excerpts, we interviewed authors about their presentations. One participant wrote: “Yes, I love hearing from the authors and getting their tips and tricks on how they went about designing their Brainshark presentations”. To View each day's VideoFest replay and see the presentations in their entirety, click here

We received so much positive feedback that we will continue the VideoFest on a quarterly basis and you can expect to see more information in October. Throughout the VideoFest there were many Brainshark how-to questions and we provided follow-up details about

URL Parameters 

Animations Templates Volume 1 and Animations Templates Volume 2

Screen capture tools

Best practices for video

Classes in animations  

9 Tips for creating mobile presentations

Adding Background Audio

Thanks to all of the authors who shared their presentations.

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