Announcing the December iPad Winner!

Announcing the December iPad Winner!
December 31, 2012

December Blog Contest WinnerWith December coming to a close, and the New Year right around the corner, it’s time to announce the winner of our final iPad drawing of 2012. Randy Guidry, Communications Coordinator at Averitt, is the winner of the December Blog Contest, and the lucky recipient of a new iPad! In his post, featured below, Randy discusses how Averitt has used Brainshark to quickly and efficiently reach a mobile audience. He particularly highlights how Brainshark has helped Averitt make their web-based training content more accessible for their employees, easier to update, and more effective.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted articles to our blog contest over the past three months, and we look forward to publishing many more of the fantastic articles we received, so stayed tuned for more great ideas from other Brainshark users!

Using Brainshark to quickly reach a mobile audience

For transportation provider Averitt’s communications team, reaching our target audiences sometimes feels like shooting an arrow at a moving target.

Averitt’s associates are drivers that travel America’s highways and are just as likely to access our communications at 1:00 in the morning as they are at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Surveys show nearly 75 percent of Averitt’s associates utilize smartphones, tablets or other forms of mobile technology to access communications. So, the challenge is how to create communications that can reach a moving target audience and still hit the mark?

The answer for Averitt is Brainshark.

The answer is “Yes.” Now, what is the question?

Originally, Averitt’s communications team worked with an external provider to develop a series of web-based training programs for Averitt associates. The training programs suited Averitt’s needs perfectly – until an update was required. Averitt relied on the external provider for changes, which usually happened only when absolutely necessary due to the costs in both time and revenue.

Then, a partner introduced us to Brainshark. As we did our research, we consistently received the same answer. Can we convert our existing training into this format? Yes. Can we offer testing over the material? Yes. Can we receive reporting as each associate completed their training? Yes. Is it easy to manage, maintain and update? Yes. Will it allow us to reach our growing mobile audience? Yes.

Last year, Averitt began converting existing internal training into Brainshark. The process proved to be a win for all involved (except maybe our external training developer). Averitt now has more control over training than ever, and can make changes within minutes. Development time for training has shortened from months to days. Associates can access the training wherever and whenever they need to. And best of all, Averitt now has the capability to expand the training library to include not just the “need-to-have” training courses, but any course that could potentially help our team.

As a result, Averitt is working to expand the training library from eight courses to over 20, utilizing less personnel and costs than necessary for externally-provided courses.

Speed to market: A Case Study

In September 2012, our team was tasked with creating a driver training course to assist in reducing fuel consumption, which is a major concern in our industry. Utilizing Brainshark, the team completed the assignment within time constraints and pushed the new training out to every employee regardless of location.

Within 30 days of launching the training via Brainshark, Averitt achieved a 97% completion rate among the 5,000+ associates required to take it.  Thirty days later, the average fuel efficiency of our fleet improved approximately 2%. Considering the amount of fuel consumed in Averitt’s daily activities, 2% movement in the right direction is a significant number.

This example showcases perhaps the greatest benefit that Brainshark provides for Averitt: the flexibility to meet demands for quick turnaround of projects.

What does 2013 hold?

Target audiences will continue to become more mobile and the battle for a viewer’s attention will continue to become more difficult. The keys to success in 2013 lie in being able to develop nimble communications strategies that utilize video content that can grab a user’s attention and provide the details you need to share within a short amount of time with the highest possible retention. We’ve chosen Brainshark as our partner to help this happen for our team in 2013 and beyond. 

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