Conquer your Career Resolutions with myBrainshark!

Conquer your Career Resolutions with myBrainshark!
December 22, 2012

You already know how myBrainshark communications can help your business. But here’s another question our customers ask:

“How can myBrainshark help me with my own career?”

Since the New Year is right around the corner, make a resolution to bolster your career, starting with the most fundamental component: your resume.

Here are some ways you can use myBrainshark to turn a one-page write-up into a stellar video resume (AKA Presume) that will not just get you noticed…it will get you hired.

1. Vocalize your Virtues

By simply adding your voice to your resume, you can not only explain your prior positions, but you can also ensure that your interviewers completely understand your relevant experience. Plus, you can add personality and flare that puts paper to shame. Remember: an interview is as much about getting to know why you are qualified as it is about assessing how well you fit into the company culture. This is much more easily conveyed through dynamic voice and video than through a static 8X11 sheet. By allowing your interviewers to get to know you through your video before you formally meet them, you have a leg up on your competition.

2. Separate Yourself from the Herd

Instead of just presenting text, why not add context to your achievements? Utilize PowerPoint functionality to emphasize key points and demonstrate not only your technological know-how but also exactly why you fit the position.  Whereas paper resumes can easily get tossed aside, let your Presume stand out and leave a lasting impression. Even though it goes against convention and norm, you can bet your name will be at the top of the list when the interviewers are discussing the candidates they remember. Hunting for a job is effectively marketing yourself; why not let the benefits of video marketing help you expand your career?

3. Link it Together

Utilize functionality like URL slides to actually insert your LinkedIn profile or a website you created right into your Presume and add those attachments so that your traditional resume is still available for review right from the presentation. These features not only add a level of interactivity and engagement that paper cannot provide, but they ensure your attributes are actually taken into account!

4. Keep it Current

By taking advantage of replacement features and live links, rest assured that any time you update your presentation, anyone with access to your presume will only be seeing your latest and greatest information. Even if a potential hirer is not interested at the moment, they can return to the link at any point in time and see your most relevant and current updates.

If you would like to discuss the features that can pump up your Presume, do not hesitate to reach out to

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