Seminar Presenter Uses Slideshark For More Engaging And Dynamic Presentations

December 07, 2012 | Guest Contributor
Seminar Presenter Uses Slideshark For More Engaging And Dynamic Presentations

The article below was submitted by Adam Carnow, seminar presenter.

SlideShark iPad PowerPointEach fall I present our company’s free fall seminar series to our customers across the southeastern United States.  These seminars are half-day events which begin in the morning and end by noon, and which range in attendance from 80 to 300 customers.  We use these annual events to communicate our message for the coming year.  It is critical that the message get delivered as smoothly as possible.

For the first time this year I am using SlideShark to present my slides during our seminar series, and it has dramatically changed the dynamics of my presentations.  I use it in combination with Reflection so that I don’t have to worry about the adaptor cord coming disconnected.  Additionally, this frees me up to project the iPad wirelessly using AirPlay.  So instead of being constrained to a podium, I am free to move about the stage and engage the audience directly.  The combination of these technologies in my setup has allowed me to revolutionize my presentation style and drastically increase my effectiveness as a presenter.

I love presenting with SlideShark.  It just works flawlessly.  The presenter mode is even better than the one in PowerPoint.  I love the timers and the ability to easily move forward or backward through the presentation by swiping.  The slide quality is the same as in PowerPoint, and the animations work just like in PowerPoint.  Since I can be confident in how my slides will display, I find myself glancing less at the slides and notes, and devoting more time to emphasizing key points of the presentation through gestures and movement which increases audience engagement.  After each session, we survey our attendees on the effectiveness of the presentation, and the responses I have been receiving are very positive. 

Part of my presentation includes demonstrations using my company’s iPad application, so by using SlideShark I can both give my PowerPoint presentation, and do the iPad demos all from a single device.  This makes my presentations much easier, less stressful and more effective, which is key. 

I am now happily addicted to SlideShark and look forward to using it for all of my presentations, not just the seminars.  I really like using it for small meetings where you can simply show the iPad, or pass it around without the need for a projector.  People are always asking me how I am able to present with the iPad, and I am happy to refer them to SlideShark.  The fewer devices I need, the greater the simplicity of my setup, the better --- because it reduces the risk that something will go wrong.  

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