3 Ways to use Brainshark Video Presentations for the Holidays

3 Ways to use Brainshark Video Presentations for the Holidays
December 21, 2012

With the arrival of each holiday season comes the emergence of a wealth of holiday-themed content on the web, followed by the inevitable search for the perfect way to make your content stand out from the rest. 

With the growth in popularity of online video in 2012, it’s clear that video content will make every company’s holiday wish list. So why not take your festive seasonal content to the screen?  Here are three ways to use Brainshark video presentations for the holidays!

#1. Create a holiday greeting from your company

Holiday greetings are an important part of the season, and a perfect opportunity to give clients a glimpse of your company’s holiday spirit, and wish them well in the New Year.  With so many greetings sent each holiday season, it can be a challenge to create a message that stands out amongst the masses. 

With Brainshark, you can easily create a unique holiday greeting with a personal touch, and all you’ll need is PowerPoint!  It’s important to keep your greeting brief, but don’t be afraid to have fun with it by incorporating festive holiday graphics and background music, as well as photos of your team. 

Video greetings are perfect for sharing on your company’s social media channels, and a clickable thumbnail image of the video can be added to emails.  Check out an example from our team below. For more tips for designing a holiday video greeting, check out this short tutorial complete with holiday-themed PowerPoint templates to help you get started!

#2. Design a video invitation for the company holiday party

Company holiday parties are a fun and popular way to celebrate the year’s accomplishments, and what better way to kick your company into the holiday season than with a cheerful video invitation!  Like any event, holiday parties often include many logistics to sort out, which you can encapsulate in one visually appealing video invitation. Include the date, time and schedule of events for your party. With Brainshark presentations, you can even add a hyperlink to the venue’s website, directions, parking information and a map of the area so your employees are not left juggling attachments or searching through old emails for event details. 

Additionally, with Brainshark, you can add question slides to your invitation to collect RSVPs, or even poll your employees about food and drink options like we did in the invitation below.  You can then leverage Brainshark reporting to tally the responses and plan for your event. 

#3. Narrate a parody of a popular holiday story or poem

If we can learn anything from the “Gangnam Style” and “Call Me Maybe” phenomena of 2012, it’s that parody videos are more popular than ever. So why not get creative and script a clever spoof of a popular holiday story or poem?

Consider a theme translatable to your industry at large, or select one of your products as the subject of the parody, like we did in the SlideShark-themed parody video below.  Once your script is complete, find a cheery voice in your team to record the audio, and design some holiday-themed PowerPoint slides to accompany the narration.  When your video is complete, share the fun with your community via social media channels, and publish the video to your company YouTube channel. Who knows? Your parody could be the next viral video sensation! 

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