Top Enterprise Tablet Posts of 2012

Top Enterprise Tablet Posts of 2012
December 18, 2012

top-enterprise-tablet-posts-2012As everyone knows by now, 2012 was a big year for tablets. And despite other competitive releases hitting the market, no one has been able to dethrone Apple’s iPad just yet.

The iPad reached 100 million units sold this year, and while Q4 sales are down compared to 2011, some have opined that it’s simply because so many people already have one at this point.

That’s gradually becoming true for businesses as well, with studies showing that the iPad made up more than 94% of all enterprise tablet activations over the first half of 2012. That’s what you call a stranglehold.

For the many folks out there using their iPads for business purposes, we’ve made a host of updates to our SlideShark app this year, adding even more features for viewing and sharing PowerPoint from your iPad or iPhone. We’ve also written extensively about enterprise tablet usage, trends and ideas. With 2012 rolling to a close, here are some of our most popular iPad-centric posts from the past year.

Adoption and Trends

What's Driving Tablet Adoption?
Earlier in the year, we asked a group of executives to share how tablets were shaping their own business communications. Paula Crerar breaks down the data in this post. 

Ready or Not? BYOD an 'Inevitable' Trend for Enterprise Tablets
One of the factors deterring more widespread tablet adoption with companies involves the perceived cost of issuing them to staff members. But as the numbers show, employees are taking their iPads to work, no matter what.

Enterprise Tablets: Which Industries Are Crazy for BYOD?
As it turns out, some organizations – like health care providers and manufacturers – have been more open to tablet adoption than others.  That said, they can’t hold a candle to the true leader in iPad activations.

8 Cool Stats on Enterprise Tablet Adoption for 2012
Interested in taking a deeper look at the rise of tablets in the enterprise? This post provides some fascinating facts and figures that might surprise you.

Tips and Use Cases

Are Tablets Now the Preferred Tool for Salespeople?
As you might expect, remote workers typically stand to benefit most from enterprise tablets. And as this post explains, that goes double for mobile sales reps in the field.

Top iPad Apps for the Mobile Sales Rep  
Salespeople use tablets in a number of different ways, but the biggest benefits come from having the right tools at their disposal. In this post, Shannon Kidger lists some of the valuable iPad applications for sales reps on the go.

PowerPoint for Tablets: Where’s the Value for Companies?
Speaking of tablet benefits, the ability to view and share PowerPoint presentations is a major one for salespeople and executives. This post breaks down some of the key reasons why PowerPoint on the iPad makes sense for businesses.

7 Short Tips for Presenting from Your iPad
The ability to hold a meeting armed with nothing but your iPad is – obviously – very cool. So how can you make it even better? Irwin Hipsman shares some presentation tips from the trenches in this short article.

How to Project PowerPoint Slides via iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
Mobile devices like iPads and iPhones can be great for more personal or impromptu presentations – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still put them up on the big screen when the need arises. Check out some of the different options for projecting your slides in this post. 

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