Top 10 PowerPoint Tips of 2012

Top 10 PowerPoint Tips of 2012
December 11, 2012

Top 10 PowerPoint TipsOver the past year we’ve published a host of PowerPoint tips for creating more effective and professional-looking presentations. With January just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the most popular PowerPoint posts from 2012.

Browse the list below to find tips and ideas on working with PowerPoint animations, fonts, graphics and more.

#1. How to Create a PowerPoint Template
Putting together a proper template is the best way to maintain a consistent, professional design scheme for your PowerPoint presentations. The folks from m62 visualcommunications break down the key steps in this post.

#2. What Are the Best PowerPoint Fonts for Killer Presentations?
Bad font decisions can sink your presentation in a hurry. This post looks at the roles font style and size play when designing your PowerPoint slide deck.

#3.  PowerPoint Picture Tools: 3 Tips to Make Your Life Easier
It’s easy for anyone to create professional graphics and images in PowerPoint – if you have the right tools. Paula Crerar offers some helpful advice for working with PowerPoint graphics in this short presentation.

#4. Advanced PowerPoint Animations: Pitfalls to Avoid
One of the cardinal rules of PowerPoint animations is, “Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.” The folks at BrightCarbon take a look at what not to do in this post.

#5. Why Punctuation Does NOT Belong in PowerPoint
While full paragraphs with proper periods and commas might sound professional, they won’t necessarily make your presentations more effective. In this post, Christopher Shaw offers some punctuation rules to live by.

#6. 3D PowerPoint Animations: Getting the Illusion to Work
Looking to add a new dimension to your animations in PowerPoint? BrightCarbon’s Chris Korek shares some visual examples of presentation elements that you can reach out and touch (metaphorically speaking, that is).

#7. PowerPoint Bullet Points: Do We Need Them?
In a word – maybe.  “When you’re giving an important, high stakes presentation… bullet points won’t generate the impact you seek,” writes Paula Crerar.  But for your day-to-day presentations, it’s OK to rely on bullet points if you follow best practices.  Check out the post for these tips and alternatives.

#8. 5 PowerPoint Mistakes Everyone Agrees Are DUMB
We all make mistakes, but that’s mean we need to keep making them. In this post, learn about some of the most common errors that PowerPoint experts aim to avoid.

#9. How to Fade Parts of an Image in PowerPoint 2010
Want to add more focus to a specific section of your slides? In this short presentation, Shannon Kidger walks you through the process for highlighting parts of an image while everything else fades into the background.

#10. Unreadable Slides: The Worst PowerPoint Error of All?
Some PowerPoint mistakes are worse than others, but ”unreadable slides” may actually top the list of presentation regrets. This post looks at some of the common issues that can affect readability in PowerPoint.

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