6 Reports You Can Run in Under a Minute

6 Reports You Can Run in Under a Minute
February 28, 2012

"Hi, Peter. Whaaat's happening…We need to talk about your [Brainshark] reports. Did you get that memo?" ~ Office Space, 1999 

Brainshark reporting is quick and easy, and you can get a lot of info about who’s viewing your presentations, where they’re viewing them, what they’re viewing, which ones they're viewing, for how long…you get the picture. Reports can be run by anyone, based on their own content, or by company administrators for information regarding the whole site. Here’s my top six reports that you (may have) never knew existed.

Presentation Creation Report

The Presentation Creation Report is a handy report that lets you know how many presentations have been created by a specific author or by all authors on a specific site. You can set a custom date range (to find presentations created in a certain time period) and set the report to run for certain folders. The best features of the creation report are the ability to see which presentations have been deleted, which have been archived, which ones are active or inactive, and the date the presentation was viewed. You can also figure out the average length of all of your presentations using this report.

Viewing Summary by Presentation Report

This report is great for figuring out the total number of views that have occurred on a specific site, a figure for the average number of presentations completed, and top presentations in your account based on views. With this report, you can also set a custom date range, run it for certain folders, and see how many slides in each presentation were viewed.

Viewing Details by Presentation Report

This one’s a step-up from the summary report… with this you can figure out your total hours viewed on a single account, collect guestbook names & e-mail addresses, and see tracking code info. While the summary lists information by presentation, this report gives you a line item for each individual view.

Views by Day of the Week Report

The Views by Day of the Week report is a great visual for those wanting to see when content is viewed in a big-picture format. You can output this report to a PDF to see a bar graph of views Monday through Sunday, or run it on a spreadsheet to specify your information. This report is helpful for figuring out what days of the week are best for launching content internally or externally.

Views by Hour of the Day Report

Here’s where the day of the week report gets nit-picky. With this, you can drill down your views by the hour to see if viewers are watching content in the morning, at lunch, or when they’re wrapping up for the day. Where the day of the week report is the forest, this report is the leaves on the trees.

Viewer Clickpath Details Report

This report has more info than any other report you can run. You have the ability to see what exactly your viewers are doing while viewing your presentations. When exported to a spreadsheet, this report gives you a line-item of each ‘activity point’ in each individual view on your site. Did they fill in the guestbook or skip it? Did they watch slides one, two and three, and skip to slide seven? Did they pause slide ten for twenty minutes and come back? This is where to find this information. It’s useful for figuring out if your content’s too long, where viewers are dropping off, and whether your presentation options are being used.

Side note: Clickpath reporting is not automatically included in every Brainshark site. To see if you have access to it, check to see if there is a Clickpath Reports folder in your Presentation Reports. If you do not have access to this reporting folder, please reach out to your sales representative to discuss this option further.

To run these reports, head to the Reporting tab of your Brainshark account and click through your options… it’s that easy, Mmmmk? With these, the boss won’t need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday. That would be greatttt.