How I Use Brainshark and QR Codes

February 24, 2012 | Bev Morgan
How I Use Brainshark and QR Codes

"Connecting with new prospects! I mean REALLY connecting with the passion and excitement that only your voice can carry. I have been using Brainshark as a personal invitation to webinars, specifically, leveraging mobile technology + QR Codes in advertising. Bottom-line how to help clients and agencies think outside of the traditional boundaries of advertising. So, I included a QR Code link in the Brainshark presentation giving access to the webinar and information. Because of the content and delivery method of Brainshark, it not only dove-tailed with the webinar content, but it also provided a great example how the “new thought” or paradigm shift can access clients and demographics not accessible through yesterday’s solutions. Thank you Brainshark – I refer everyone to you!"

~ Bev Morgan

What's a QR Code and what's a good way to use it?

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For some more QR code knowledge, check out a couple posts from our Director of Freemium Product Marketing, Jay Wilder:

Brainshark Mobile & QR Tags: An Exciting Combination

New QR code feature overview & 9 resources to get QR-inspired!

If you have other QR resources that you lean on, please share them with us in the comments!

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