Manufacturing Company Gets Sales with Brainshark

February 17, 2012 | Dominick
Manufacturing Company Gets Sales with Brainshark

To be honest, I was a little hesitant to use Brainshark at first due to a bad past experience with (what I thought was) a similar service.  After giving it a chance, I have to say that Brainshark has totally changed how we conduct our database marketing. In my opinion, the true benefit to Brainshark is that everything is kept in the Brainshark page, enabling our customers to access multiple resources we have put on our portal. Additionally, the integration of Brainshark with our database reporting tool has been seemless, making my life that much easier when it comes to metrics reports at the month’s end - it now takes two clicks versus the hours it used to take with the past system.

The best part is that Brainshark has already paid for itself.  We recently sent out a Brainshark email featuring our newest product, and two of the emails got immediate responses leading to a sale.  After some research, we determined that these sales would not have originated or taken place if the Brainshark email did not go out. A lot of companies assume their customer base is up-to-speed on that company’s entire product line. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s that company’s utmost responsibility to keep its customer base educated and up-to-date on its product offerings and proposed value of those products.  This can’t be done at a trade show (due to the limited % of customers typically attending), nor can it be adequately accomplished with magazine ads. The best way to effectively do this is via emailing your customer database with a tool like Brainshark. This keeps you in front of your audience, keeps them updated, and most importantly gives you a reason/excuse to “touch” that customer.  One of the two sales we made was a direct result of the customer “not knowing we also offered that product”.  

Lastly, we’re very much looking forward to using the Mobile App capabilities of Brainshark soon. We have a lot of customers who use iPhones and Androids on the manufacturing floor and it’s a benefit to us to be able to direct training videos and presentations that they can access from their Smartphones. This is also a great tool for us to use when training our outside salesforce who can’t be in front of a computer at all times. We recently used the mobile app at a trade show when running a give-away. All folks who stopped by our booth could enter a contest via their Smartphone by signing up for our Brainshark.  We had 120 people sign up and can’t wait to try it again at our tradeshows in 2012!

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