Motorsport Marketing with Video

Motorsport Marketing with Video
February 3, 2012

“When we make our follow up calls to potential sponsors it is amazing how educated they are on the concept and goals of the partnership vs. when we provide just written materials.” 

 - David Brinkmannn

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with David Brinkmann, father of Kyle Brinkmann, one of today’s most successful rising stars in the ARCA stockcar circuit.  While Kyle handles the turns, David and Kyle’s racing team are responsible for the marketing side of motorsport, which is just like any other business.  In this interview, we learn what it takes to reach prospective sponsors, educate decision makers, and sign partners that benefit from the marketing opportunities that Kyle’s success provides. David also provides some great tips at the end that you as a marketer or sales person can use right away. 

Before reading the interview for the full backstory, I recommend taking a look at Kyle’s excellent partnership overview presentation:

View the presentation in a separate window.

J:  Hi David, tell me about Kyle’s racing career and what you need to accomplish on the business side to make it all work?                                                                                                                                      

D:  Kyle is celebrating his tenth year of racing even though he’s just 17 years old. Starting in 100cc sprint karts at age 7 to his current ARCA stockcar, Kyle has been successful in every level of the sport. To continue his path to NASCAR takes support beyond what a family-based team can provide. While Kyle is now contracted to drive for one of the top teams in the sport, it takes marketing partners to help offset the travel and upkeep costs of racing.

J:  How did you hear about myBrainshark and when did you start using it? Which edition do you use? (Free, Pro, or Pro Trainer)

D:  My company uses myBrainshark Pro Trainer. I started by creating logistics training presentations for our customers at work. I opened a free version account to work at home on Kyle’s racing program.

J:  What kinds of myBrainshark presentations have you created thus far?                                     

D: Corporate training (work) and motorsports marketing (home).

J: What makes myBrainshark different from or better than other marketing efforts you’ve engaged in? 

D: Getting your message to the decision maker is difficult at best. Typically you stuff pages and pages of written material into a folder and hope they read it. myBrainshark creatively allows us to introduce ourselves and our program without a bunch of clutter and cost. The audience is allowed to take in the information when they are ready to watch and listen. When we make our follow up calls it is amazing how educated they are on the concept and goals of the partnership vs. when we provide just written materials. 

J:  How do you reach your audiences with your presentations? (social, email, website etc.)               

D:  We do them all. Short cuts on Facebook, Twitter, our racing website, and a site called which is a social media hot spot for racing enthusiasts.

We also created an “easy to remember” URL mask called By going to you are brought directly to the racing Brainshark presentation. We also created business cards with the URL to hand out. You never know when you have the opportunity to network and open up a conversation. The card with the brainshark info is a nice way to convey a little info and then just say; “Here’s our card…check out when you have time to learn all about why the program will benefit you”.

J:  How do measure your success with myBrainshark?

D:  One goal is how well the audience grasps an understanding of the program and how they can benefit from becoming a partner. We have found that the decision makers are far more motorsports savvy after watching our Brainshark than after reviewing printed marketing materials. The real key, however, is signed deals. We are ahead of marketing partnership signings since launching myBrainshark than this same time last season.

J:  What kind of feedback have you gotten?

D:  We come in with that WOW factor that keeps us ahead of the pack. Brainshark has given us an edge against the competition that is also out there seeking support to go racing. While not every conversation ends in a marketing partnership, every call does include; “What is Brainshark? How did you do that?”

J:  What ideas can you give readers to try in 2012?

D:  Having the business card that carries either the Brainshark link or creating an easy to remember URL mask really pays off. Also invest in a quality microphone. Computer microphones are generally inexpensive. Clean, crisp audio makes a world of difference over phone recordings. Learn from others. The talent level at Brainshark is unbelievable. Watch other presentations to get ideas for your Brainshark.

J:  Great tips.  David thanks so much for sharing your insights. Best of luck to you, Kyle, and the whole team in 2012!

D:  You’re very welcome. Thanks for a making such a great product. We’ll keep you posted on this year’s successes!

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