Video Infographic on 2011 Brainshark Stats

Video Infographic on 2011 Brainshark Stats
February 13, 2012

Like every other company, we took a look at everything our product and team accomplished over the course of 2011. Our Director of Customer Community, Irwin Hipsman, recently blogged on several benchmarking statistics to give Brainshark authors some better direction during their creation process. We decided to pull some other cool, interesting, and fun statistics we found and make a quick video infographic! I bet you didn’t know this about your friendly neighborhood Brainshark software:

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Here are some statistics that weren’t included in the presentation, but still good to know:

  • The average Brainshark presentation has 16 slides

  • The average duration per slide is 46 seconds

  • Almost 45% of Brainshark presentations include an attachment

  • 33% include a guestbook

  • Over 26% of presentations include at least one question

Have you used Brainshark in an innovative way this year, already? Please share your link and comments with us!