Evolving Your Webinar Strategy for 2012 [Webinar Replay]

Evolving Your Webinar Strategy for 2012 [Webinar Replay]
February 16, 2012

Last week, we hosted one of our most highly attended webinars in Brainshark history. Ken Molay, President of Webinar Success, gave a 45-minute presentation on how to approach your webinar program this year and yield better results. Ken covers registration & attendance, reaching global audiences, engagement, and social media throughout his presentation. Also, since this is in fact a webinar on webinars, just watching it should give you a good handle on how to put these tips into practice.

Beyond his expertise in producing and delivering webinars, Ken has a background in marketing, software development, acting, and public speaking.

This replay comes with a free whitepaper, “Re-examining Your Webinar Strategy”, available for download in the attachments tab of the Brainshark player.

Click the link below to register for the free, on-demand version of his webinar to learn about the practical steps for promotion, delivery, and follow-up to increase response to your webinar programs, create more impactful experiences, and increase revenue.

Evolving Your Webinar Strategy for 2012