Tablet Adoption - what's causing it?

Tablet Adoption - what's causing it?
February 10, 2012

Recently, our CEO hosted a roundtable series and had the pleasure of meeting with over 70 executives from a cross section of industries (see the chart).  These executives shared their experiences, plans, challenges, and advantages gained by using tablets in their businesses. Although the findings we’ve compiled are not scientific, they provide some insights on how tablets are shaping our business communications strategies. Of the participants who are using tablets, there’s a wide variety of usage and adoption.

Trends and factors driving tablet adoption

When asked why their companies are adopting tablets, our participants discussed the following:

  • Since organizations are now accustomed to smartphone usage among employees, acceptance of tablets may be simpler.

  • The continuing trend in workshifting – working away from the office and working outside of “normal” business hours – is motivating tablet adoption and acceptance.  Workers in this environment are seeking replacements for bulky laptops, and smartphones aren’t quite meeting their needs.

  • With the availability of hundreds of thousands of apps, there’s a solution for almost everyone, for business or personal use. 

  • Independent reps are using iPads and are demanding mobile content from their partner organizations.

  • To bring down costs, retailers are looking for ways to reduce space, and are replacing training kiosks with tablets.

  • By providing employees with tablets, companies can significantly reduce the use of paper and improve their efforts to "go green". 

  • Organizations are always seeking the "leading edge" for their sales reps – a way to enhance the perception and positioning of their solutions.  The “cool” factor associated with the use of a tech forward device like the iPad may provide this edge. 

  • Tablets are easy to deploy because there’s no need for IT involvement, resources or budget.

  • Tablets are a solution for situations where there’s no assurance of Internet access.

Are there other instances that you can think of that are propelling tablet adoption forward?

From the findings, it’s evident that these driving factors have pushed tablet usage across a range of business functions, while at the same time there remain challenges that contribute to the slowing of tablet adoption and strategy in organizations. We plan to blog about tablet usage in different business functions as well as the challenges that organizations are facing next.