A Trip to the Movies Ends with Some Great PowerPoint Images

A Trip to the Movies Ends with Some Great PowerPoint Images
January 4, 2012

On New Year’s Day, my family went to see Martin Scorcese’s Hugo. For anyone making PowerPoint presentations, I highly recommend seeing it in 3-D. All great directors make a film that is a tribute to cinema and this is about the turn of the 20th century French filmmaker George Melies. Melies was an illusionist who, upon seeing his first movie, re-invented himself into a filmmaker. What he realized early on was that unlike a magic show, movies can tell a story. A contemporary of Jules Verne, Melies made one of the first science fiction movies, A Trip to the Moon.

While waiting for Hugo to begin, the theater played a preview of a Ron Howard project, Imagin8tion.  In cooperation with Canon, they held a photo contest that is the basis of "When You Find Me", a short film that premiered in December. More than 90,000 photos were submitted and 8 were chosen to be part of the film. You can see the winners and learn more at their YouTube channel.

What caught my eye were the 100 semifinalists and I made it a point to keep in mind if any of the photos were appropriate for a business presentation. I held my own judging and chose eight that could work in a PowerPoint Presentation. First place went to photographer Jude Mcconkey for "Duck". It captures the moment the first gosling leaps into the water. Imagine a slide about leadership or risk taking - what a perfect image!

These photos highlight the Presentation Revolution themes that Carmen Taran of RexiMedia presented at various webinars and events in 2011: harmony, texture, authenticity, surprise and simplicity. Take a look at the photos and imagine what type of slide content they could fit into. My presentation resolution for 2012 is to collect great images and find a way to use them in presentations. Hopefully, the following photos inspire you to find images that really take your presentations to the next level. Please note, these images have not been licensed and cannot be used without the permission of the photographers.

Samantha Manderfield (Light: Speed up or slow down)

Zantez Avanr (Turning a pebble into a mountain. What is your goal?)

Vivien Vitolo (Coffee)

Shannon Piserchio (Head)

Cayton Cox (Sometimes you know the exit but do you want to take it)

John Peterson (Eye)

Chris Wallace (Door)