Content Marketing Resources at Your Fingertips

January 18, 2012 | Amy Marks
Content Marketing Resources at Your Fingertips

Last quarter, Brainshark sponsored a webinar with the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) on using video, mobile and social to generate leads and revenue. During the Webinar, Joe Pulizzi, Executive Director of CMI, said that the biggest challenge that marketers face today is in creating engaging content. In fact, 41% of marketers responding to CMI’s 2011 annual survey cited this as their primary challenge - a 5% increase over the year before.           

What type of content attracts people, holds their attention, and compels them to SHARE? Overwhelmingly, it’s video! Video is enjoyable, educational, engaging, accessible on mobile devices, and is frequently shared across social networks.

To help marketers meet the challenge of creating engaging content, specifically video presentations, we put together,  Content Marketing Resources including tips, techniques and “how-to” instructions.

You’ll find animations templates, webinar replays including “How to create a content factory”, instructions for creating a video infographic, a link to CMI’s Content Marketing Playbook, and more.  From one place, you’ll have access to tips and tools to help you rapidly create content that helps you grab and sustain an audiences’ attention and move them to action.  

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