Customer Interview - Dialing for Dollars and Brainshark

Customer Interview - Dialing for Dollars and Brainshark
January 18, 2012

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Stefany Koslow, a myBrainshark user and sales expert at a event in New York City where we were exhibiting our new SlideShark App for PowerPoint on iPad. Afterwards, she followed up with a great video presentation explaining the impact of myBrainshark on her business. It piqued my interest and which led me to reach out and learn more about Stefany’s business, Dialing for Dollars, and her experience with Brainshark. In this post, I’ll share the video and resulting Q&A.   

An example of making video for a single recipient or small group

Video is traditionally associated with costly, time consuming projects with broad messages for large audiences. I believe Stefany’s use of Brainshark is a great example of how video can be used for fast, targeted messages that effectively speak to a specific person or a small segmented group. Take a look and consider how you can use brief messages like this to set the table for your most important conversations this year:

View the presentation in a separate window.

Q & A

J:  Tell us more about your business Dialing for Dollars.

S: Dialing for Dollars started 7 years ago with the goal of “helping customers find new customers”. It was the absolutely perfect job for me- I love figuring out why two companies might benefit from working together and then sharing that idea with my prospect. I consider myself a Corporate Matchmaker! For me, prospecting is the most exciting part of the sales process - it’s all strategy and potential.

J:  How did you find out about Brainshark?

S:  I found out about Brainshark by attending a sales conference early in 2011. The minute I saw it I realized it was a new, interesting tool that my customers and prospects would really respond to and that I could actually check my gut with metrics. When my company added a sales training component to its offering, I knew people were going to want to get a sense of me, what I’m about and whether I could truly help their sales teams in their new business development efforts. I had options: I could write a white paper. I could create an eBook. I could design a brochure. Send out standard emails. None of these things appealed to me and that means they wouldn’t work for my intended audience either. I wanted something substantive but brief, meaningful but not requiring a ton of reading.

J:  What kind of presentation(s) did you start with?

S:  I created a Brainshark piece called Prospecting & LinkedIn. It highlighted 3 manageable points for viewers: how to brand yourself on LinkedIn, how to prepare for strategic calls and meetings, and how to grow your existing lead base. There was zero fluff and no buzz words and my network loved it. Some watched it multiple times, others sent me notes full of compliments. Most importantly, unlike a standard email piece, this presentation was opened and watched by well over 20% of my contacts immediately! And the majority of those who watched, stayed all the way through.

J:  What’s came next on your video checklist?

S:  Since it was so easy to create, I asked myself how else I could use this tool. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Created a Brainshark with key take-aways from a special meeting/event I attended that I wanted to share with my client’s sales team.

  • Reused my Prospecting & LinkedIn content for my website.

  • Shared an idea with a key vendor about how I use their product and other ways to use it. (Ex. Brainshark! And note how they are now having me champion their business, rather than telling prospects how great they are themselves.)

  • Make seasonal pieces with mass appeal: like, this holiday season I created a piece for  my whole network on Networking Tips for In-Person Meetings and Events.

J:  I like the content marketing approach.  What tips would you share with other users?

S:  My key suggestions to anyone thinking about creating a Brainshark would be:

  • Keep it brief! (What’s your attention span? Create accordingly.)

  • Keep it focused!

  • Keep it customer-centric! Ask yourself if you are giving your viewer something new to think about or useful to their business.

J:  Great advice.  Thanks for sharing, Stefany!   

S:  My pleasure!  Thanks for such a wonderful product!  It’s really helped my business.