How to Speak to Your Audience and Get Them to Hear You

How to Speak to Your Audience and Get Them to Hear You
January 23, 2012

A few years ago, I had the unique privilege of producing a wish for the Make a Wish Foundation. A young girl wished to chronicle her life and illness through film. By telling her own personal story, she shed light on the importance of organ donation and exposed the hidden world of children living on dialysis. She didn’t need to spell out these issues to get her point across. She wove a simple story of her experiences and goals to impact her audience.

If you have the freedom to really engage and inform your audience, why not take a chance and change their perspective on your company, product, or course?

A descriptive case study or engaging personal story can prove transformative. As you craft your story, truly think about the emotional response you wish to illicit from your audience. Why should this particular presentation be important to them? The ability to weave a thoughtful narrative through your message can spur dramatic results.  Isn’t it about time that you gave your audience a little credit? Be bold and change their perspective through your storytelling.  Speak to their emotions, intellect, and general entertainment needs. Give them something different.

Show the audience a world where your services and goals have impacted the life of someone they consider a peer. Use this person as a guide through your messaging with vibrant words and moving photos. During our documentary, we emphasized her words with white text on a black background next to her face. What may have seemed like an overused tactic became new and fresh again through her story and words. You can bring your design to life with moving content. Even the most exciting design can remain flat and unaffecting without good content. Be proud of what you put out to your audience and what you want them to take away from your messaging.

A motivated and appreciated audience will swarm your call to action. A good case study, that supports your content, might spur the viewer to want to read attached material, buy your product, visit your website, or supply feedback.

To this day, that one video goes out daily to the Children’s dialysis floor at Boston’s Childrens Hospital. Good stories never get old and they never get boring.

Don’t hesitate in using these types of examples to strengthen your messaging. Stand up. Stand out. Tell your Story.