Mobile Presentation Advice: Test Your Presentation (4 Tips)

Mobile Presentation Advice: Test Your Presentation (4 Tips)
January 15, 2012

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced that split second of panic after sending an email to my entire company, wondering if I should have given it another look, first. Well, fear no more, at least when it comes to your Brainshark presentations! Here are some tips to make sure all your t’s have been crossed and all your i’s have been dotted prior to distribution, so you can catch any mistakes before your audience does.

With more and more professionals becoming glued to their smart phones, your Brainshark presentations will likely have more mobile views.  Covering these bases on creating mobile friendly presentations will ensure your mobile audience has the same viewing experience as those viewing from a computer.

1. Make sure you can actually view the presentation on a mobile device. In my opinion, this is the most important tip for creating mobile-friendly presentations, so be sure to test it out first. Often times, it’s a matter of making sure your presentation is simply enabled for mobile viewing.

2. Is the audio clear? Be sure to use simple audio and avoid loud background music that may distract your audience, and be mindful of where your mobile viewers may be when watching your presentation.

3. Did the speaker follow the script? The audio will be more effective if your speaker follows a script. This will help to minimize the um’s and ah’s that may distract viewers from the presentation’s key message. Consider having an audio talent record your audio to ensure the best recording.

4. Do your visuals display well on a PC, a laptop, AND a mobile device? To be sure of this, refer to the other elements of this Mobile Blog Series:

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If you have access to a variety of smart phones and tablets, view the presentation on each one to confirm consistency. 

Taking this extra time to test your presentations before sending it out to your audience will be well worth it, and you will no longer feel overcome with panic after hitting that send button!