Recap of Macworld | iWorld 2012 - Scenes from San Francisco

Recap of Macworld | iWorld 2012 - Scenes from San Francisco
January 28, 2012

This week, the SlideShark team traveled to the annual Macworld (now being renamed to iWorld) conference, designed for the ultimate Mac fan. Users, creators, and lovers of Apple products of all shapes, sizes, and ages gathered from far and wide to heartily drink from the raging Apple-flavored river of accessories, apps, and art at this 3-day event.  Our visit this Mecca of Macdom coincided with the release of our Team Edition, but there was no shortage of other impressive offerings from the other exhibitors.

Reporters were quick to jump on what was hot!

The accessories were largely dominated by cases. Cases for your iPhone, cases for you iPad, cases for your Macbook, cases for your cases, etc. Seriously, if you’re ever in need, this is the place. Others tried to practically solve pain points like iKeyboard, a $35 thin-layer keyboard that allows you to type more “handily” on your iPad.

Exhibits were coupled with stunts that ranged from the interesting to the eye-popping.  Some demonstrated the reliability of their headphone product by mounting skis and jumping on trampolines:

Others decided to do a Kung-fu routine while painting large portraits to demonstrate….well…I’m actually not quite sure, but it was still cool:

Children as well as seniors who have been devout Apple followers since the company’s beginnings stopped by the SlideShark kiosk. Although some had a hint of nostalgia for the good ole days when the conference was twice as big and had an entire hall dedicated to Apple itself with Steve Jobs doing presentations, most were actually quite thrilled that Macworld is becoming more diverse. Many sought solutions that found ways to bring together their Apple and non-Apple products while others stuck around mostly to find out about better and more creative ways to use their products. A fair number of people who weren’t Mac adopters at all came by to get a taste of what they were missing too.

One theme I noticed is the resurgence of the little guy. Some of the media I had a chance to chat with confirmed that they were seeing some of the smaller, lesser known exhibitors make good headway with smart, reliable products. Nothing against the extravagant booths and stunts – they certainly had the best draw. But those that came with a solution that did what it promised, whether it taught your kids to play chess or recharged all of your tech tools at once, made just as much of an impression with iFans.  

Overall, it was a great event for fans of technology, entrepreneurship, and those looking to get a little taste of San Francisco. When SlideShark goes next year, we’ll have an even more impactful product, but in the meantime, I’m looking to order a portable shark tank so we can have the best of both worlds.