The #1 App for PowerPoint on the iPad - Now for Individuals and Teams

January 29, 2012 | David Klein
The #1 App for PowerPoint on the iPad - Now for Individuals and Teams

Our latest update to SlideShark is primarily focused on enabling this great tool for organizational teams, but also includes a few cool new features for presenters.

Team Edition

Organizations create and distribute valuable PowerPoint content to internal people. SlideShark has already solved the problem of how to present that content on the iPad.  The challenge lies in how to control and centralize the distribution and gain insight into its usage. With SlideShark Team Edition, we’ve made it easy.

SlideShark Team Edition provides organizations with powerful, multi-user functionality – including administrator controls, team-wide access to content and valuable usage analytics. Read more about it here.

Team Content: Quickly tap between your uploaded content and the content that has been shared by your Team.

Team Visibility: Users with permission to share content with the team can use the Team Visibility switch.  By toggling this button, the presentation will appear under Team Content for Team members.

Administration: Administrators have the ability to add/modify users, view all content, and review content analytics.

Analytics: Administrators can view a dashboard of account and content activity, including most active users, most viewed presentations, aggregate viewing data, and detailed downloadable reports.

A Team Edition account is obtained with a 60-day trial - either by registering directly or clicking Try Team Edition in your individual account.  Please note that you will need to create a new Team Edition Account to ensure a separation of corporate and personal content.

More Presenter Tools

All SlideShark users can take advantage of great new features:

Autoplay with Looping: Set your presentation to advance automatically, (e.g. kiosk mode).  Set the slide delay you want placed after the last animation of each slide. Optionally, have it loop back to the first slide when done. Looping can also be implemented outside of autoplay. These settings can be adjusted from the Details screen or from the slide tray when presenting.

iPad no longer sleeps: If you’re in the middle of presenting, or have it on autoplay, SlideShark ensures that the iPad will not go to sleep.

New Layout: We’ve changed the design of the presentation Details page. From the Details screen, you can get additional information on the presentation, adjust the autoplay settings, access the hide slides screen, or jump directly to a slide and present.

Earn more free storage: Now from the App, you can easily take part in the SlideShark Referral Program.  By referring your friends to register for SlideShark, you and your friend obtain an additional 25 MB of free storage.  Refer up to 20 friends and add 500 MB to your account.

Preview from the Web: If you’re perusing your catalog from the web and want to quickly preview the slides, clicking on the presentation thumbnail will display a slideshow of images.

Enjoy the update and please continue to tell us what you think and what you’d like to see in future versions. 

And of course, if you love it (and we hope that you do), please log a good review on the AppStore.


David Klein

Product Director

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