Are You a Brand Ambassador? Why?

Are You a Brand Ambassador? Why?
July 17, 2012

Seriously, why? Being a brand ambassador makes you an incredibly valuable asset to the company you’re representing, whether or not that company even realizes it.

But what has that organization done to get you to champion their product, service, or mission? I suppose that an exact formula doesn’t exist because everyone is different, and more importantly, not everyone can really answer that question without really thinking about it. Be honest, how many of you just said to yourself, “Ugh, because [insert brand] is awesome…and they just get it” or something to that effect?

I tried to be introspective about this whole thing and thought of some of the ways a few brands waved their magic Bram (brand ambassador – yes, I’m calling it “Bram” from this point forward) wand at me.

Being there in the moment of need

Not too long ago, I was on a business trip that took me far and wide. At my final stop in New Orleans, a last minute destination, I made a mistake booking my ticket back to Boston. The airline, which will go unmentioned, said verbatim, “This isn’t our fault; you’re going to have to figure this out, kid.”

They wouldn’t even cancel the flight I booked in error, telling me I had to take care of it myself over the phone (it took over an hour and resulted in no credit). Due to the convention I was attending, there were no flights out of the airport for two full days and the nearest airport was a 220-mile drive to Mississippi with no other flights either. I was less than thrilled.

customer unsatisfied

Noticing what was going on, a woman from JetBlue called me over to her counter, ahead of a full line of JetBlue passengers. She spent a solid 15 minutes searching through all the flights from every existing airline in the airport, finally getting me on a flight early the next morning on a completely different airline. I always strive to fly JetBlue from now on, even if it’s a little more expensive, though it often is not.

Keeping me entertained

A while ago, one of my best friends had a really good idea for a dating site and he asked me to help him do a little research on competitors. I found the site HowAboutWe…, and more importantly, I found their blog. Without getting into the weeds of their layout, UI, and other things someone who manages a blog can appreciate, I was simply drawn to the content. It’s funny, entertaining, relevant, and incredibly appealing to anyone in the dating scene, or even in a relationship. It made me go, “Man these guys are awesome…I mean, they really get it!”

customer loyaltyNo, I don’t wait with bated breath for their weekly blog newsletter, but every time I get it, I check it out. Doesn’t sound like I’m a Bram? Let me put it this way: I would recommend their service to anyone looking for an online dating site, despite never having used it. Their content alone tells me that these people understand something, and I’m willing to spend my time with them. If I ever dump my stupid girlfriend and feel compelled to use a dating site, you can bet it’s going to be theirs. (Just kidding about having a girlfriend.)

Making me look hot

It’s pretty much cliché to own a pair of TOMS Shoes these days. The company basically exploded through their simple, yet innovative business model of giving away a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair bought. They’re a case study for any business looking to build a loyal community and strong sense of purpose around their brand. Those two things alone are textbook reasons for “Bramming” a brand.

brand ambassadorBut that’s not why I love TOMS. Look at how hot these kicks are. All I need is a pair of Bermuda shorts and Aviator sunglasses to walk down the street and feel like a million bucks. I ordered this pair a size too small, but TOMS made it super easy to return them for the right fit, completely free of charge. Let’s face it, sometimes just having a sweet product is best customer loyalty or Bram strategy a brand can have. These shoes make me feel like it’s OK to be stuck in the airport for an extra two days or to be forever alone, because looking good is feeling good, my friends, and TOMS is committed to making me feel good.

But those are just my experiences. The real point of this post was to get yours! What have brands done to make you their ambassador? PLEASE let us know, seriously.