How We Use the SlideShark App (Part 1)

July 26, 2012 | SlideShark Users
How We Use the SlideShark App (Part 1)

doctors use ipadsWe at SlideShark receive lots of feedback and stories on how our users are taking advantage of the app. We wanted to share several quick ones with the SlideShark community to give you an idea of how presenting and sharing PowerPoint on the iPad is useful – no matter what industry you’re in! We might be patting ourselves on the back a little bit, but we just get so pumped when these arrive in the inbox!

I teach healthcare services to providers in long-term care facilities and use SlideShark now for all my presentations. Both the students and I love it. This program makes it more fun and enjoyable. I do not need to use a computer anymore for training. SlideShark has simplified doing all my presentations. I recommend this program highly to other professionals. SlideShark keeps presentations easy with new technology.          

 - Mary

I do a lot of technical teaching to medical professionals and can only really work off of a power-point type slide show. SlideShark has allowed me to take my most technical presentations "on the road" and teach patients, medical students, nurses and doctors in any situation -- at the bedside, in a nursing station and a classroom, without the need of a computer and projector. I love the ability to edit my presentations on the fly and present my data with only the need for an internet connection. Being able to have access to my slide presentations is a terrific asset. In addition, we are becoming an iPad society and now use my iPad as a teaching tool.         

- Bruce Cohen, Director of Neurology - Akron Children's Hospital

I am a recruiting manager for my company and I frequently do interviews in our conference room. We have a recruiting slideshow that I use and it was a pain to use my laptop. Since discovering SlideShark, it has made my presentations so much easier and more professional looking. The feature that I like the most in SlideShark is that my presentation is saved, so that I don't have to wait for it to download each time I present. I really like the cloud storage function.  

 – Justin, Utah

I currently use SlideShark in two formats: first, to train my sales branch employees. I travel to my branches and not only to 1-on-1 trainings, but also group trainings with up to 30 people in the room. Second, I encourage my management & field team to use SlideShark when presenting to customers if they have a complete presentation to share. It is very simple and easy to use. Great for my iPad users who are nervous about new technology.      

- Melissa Miller, Regional Business Operations Manager – TTI

Are you a SlideShark user? How do you use the app? Click here for Part 2 of the SlideShark story submissions!

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