Meet the New Brainshark Interns!

Meet the New Brainshark Interns!
July 3, 2012

Each year, Brainshark hires bright college students for its summer internship program -- a program that continues to grow each year. The 2012 class will gain hands-on business experience and awareness in the software and technology services industry. In past years, Brainshark has hired many of our former interns as full-time employees. 

Say hello to the new crop of young people working to help the Brainshark team and enhance their education.

Joe Flynn- Umass Amherst 2015 (CSR Intern)

When he is not making first time author calls or creating presentation success reviews for Brainshark, Joe can be found outdoors. You may spot him running in a triathlon, skiing down the side of a mountain, or peddling 90 MPH on a bicycle.  In addition to his work at Brainshark, Joe volunteers at the ER at Lahey Hospital in Burlington, MA. Impressively, Joe also manages his very own car detailing business and has detailed over 125 cars. He is responsible for supporting all aspects of service, advertising, scheduling and operations.

Lauren Forest- Assumption College 2013 (Marketing Programs Intern)

Coming from Ayer, MA, Lauren stays away from the cow tipping trend and focuses her studies in marketing and international business. You may see her in or out of the office incognito as Tibby. Other than dressing up as her new hidden talent of being a shark, Lauren’s duties consist of cleaning up data on Salesforce as well as assisting with implementing various projects and programs for Brainshark. If you are ever having doubts about the scanner in the supply room, she is the go-to girl! For fun you can find Lauren chasing a soccer ball, paddling in a kayak or GPSing the nearest ice cream shop.

Shannon Kidger- Umass Amherst 2014 (Content Marketing Intern)

As a junior in the Isenberg School of Management, I major in marketing and communications in the Commonwealth Honors College at Umass - Amherst. My office days are mainly spent researching and investigating social media, along with writing articles and working on other pieces of content. In my spare time, I can be found lifting absurd amounts of weight at CrossFit, walking my two massive German Shepherds, or baking delicious treats to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Stephen Bristol- University of Vermont (Sales Operations Intern)

With his intense physics and math studies in school, along with a Japanese minor, Stephen still has time to assist SFDC database updates and sales team operations.  With an unbreakable attention span and dexterous focus, you really have to work to get a chuckle out of Steve.  When in the zone, he won’t even notice the loudest thunderstorm, but a simple poke on the back will send him into a panic.


Kathryn Conlin- Boston College 2014 (Marketing Programs Intern)

Kathryn is currently going into her junior year with a focus on marketing and information systems. Spending countless hours every day in Excel, Kathryn also gets a chance to show her creative side on Brainshark’s Pinterest page. When she is not dressed to impress in the office, Kathryn plays some casual volleyball with her friends. Coming all the way from Vail, Colo., it’s no wonder she is basically a pro skier. Too bad there was not a lot of snow for her to shape up on her skills this year.


Allyson Johnson- James Madison University 2014 (CSR Intern)

Set to enter her third year studying business and hospitality, Ally is excited to be part of the Brainshark team. Being a Keurig enthusiast during the work day, Ally can afford to complete all of her work at a rapid pace and is even able to multitask by listening to Pandora. When the nighttime rolls around she turns into The Bachelorette analyst. This busy girl even has the time to save lives at a condo pool on the weekends -- but is really just in it to catch a tan.



William Claflin- Wesleyan University (CSR Intern)

Proud to be under the fearless leader, Mike Davis, you can find William running around the office calling first time Brainshark users. He also evaluates presentations sent in by customers, completes activities in Salesforce, and basically does anything else to make the support team’s life easier.  Other than that, Will likes to dribble around the basketball court sinking 3s, advance his croquet career, and cut down trees that stand in his way. How could I almost forget his favorite form of entertainment: prank calling Brainshark Support in his various accents.

This is a huge opportunity for us to learn how a business operates as a whole. Just having experience at Brainshark is a huge resume builder and offers a taste of how the business world operates. The intern class this year is a bunch of extremely motivated and hard-working individuals, and it’s a pleasure to be among them on the Brainshark team!