Recording Across Multiple Slides in myBrainshark

Recording Across Multiple Slides in myBrainshark
July 25, 2012

Mike B submitted this question in the last myBrainshark newsletter:

Is there a way to record across multiple slides -- ie without a distinct break between the two slides?

There are two ways to approach this inquiry.

1. Magic Number 2

If you simply wish to record slides seamlessly in myBrainshark, all it takes is the click of a button. Provided you are recording with the landline phone method, you can dial 2 to record all slides sequentially. Although audio will still exist on a slide-by-slide basis, this will allow you to progress through the recordings in a much more continuous fashion.  

2. One Streaming File

The second interpretation of the question involves recording the audio as one single narrative in one file. While this is not recommended because the format of Brainshark requires a unique audio file per slide, it is certainly do-able. Further, this method can be applied if your recording already exists as one audio file and you do not wish to segment and upload it slide-by-slide.

To add a single, streaming audio file, you can upload it as Background audio, which provides a more continuous experience. To do this, simply go in to Edit your presentation, choose Manage Audio>Background Audio, and select the "Add Background Audio" link. Then, you can use "Upload new audio" to add the single file, and make sure it starts at slide 1 and ends at the final slide. Further, you can control the volume percentage should it need to be louder or softer in the presentation. Please note: this method requires that you have previously recorded the audio and that it exists as one mp3 file.

If you wish to utilize this method but don’t have a way to record the one mp3 file -- don’t fret; you can still utilize myBrainshark’s awesome recording tools to create your audio! To do so, create a new presentation in your site,  then choose the option to "Produce a Podcast." This will enable you to create and download a single, streaming mp3 recording that is not tied to any specific slides or other myBrainshark content. You can then download the podcast and upload it as your background audio file, using the steps above.

There is never one side to the story and there certainly isn’t a right or wrong way to do things in myBrainshark. While we certainly encourage you to follow our Best Practices for adding and using audio in your presentations, you can always find interesting and creative ways to use myBrainshark and create the content you need.

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