Showcasing Sales Management's Favorite iPad Apps [Webinar Replay]

Showcasing Sales Management's Favorite iPad Apps [Webinar Replay]
July 5, 2012

Hundreds of sales executives logged on to hear speakers from Brainshark, Analysis Factory and SAP talk about their favorite sales-related iPad applications. Our speakers presented a myriad of apps from scanning business cards to news aggregators. Sales analysis tools and dashboards as well as tools to follow people on social networks were presented. SlideShark, our app that allows you to view and share PowerPoint presentations with animations, fonts, colors and graphics preserved was shown as was Brainshark, the cloud-based solution for creating, sharing and tracking online and mobile video presentations. 

The following apps were described: CamCard, for scanning business cards. Worldmate Gold, a travel smart solution. Zite, a news aggregator. GMaps Mobile for territory mapping. Air Server for showing your iPad screen during a webinar. Roambi, sales analysis visualization. Analysis Factory customer dashboards. Box, creates a file structure for the iPad. HootSuite, an app to follow someone on social networks. Flipboard, a magazine front end to Twitter. Paper, an app for taking notes. 

Wow, no wonder everyone was paying rapt attention. These sales productivity apps can really make a differences in a sales reps’ day. 

There was so much interest that there wasn’t time to address all the questions that attendees submitted. So, we thought we’d answer a few that were addressed to Jay Wilder of Brainshark.

Those already using tablets are making use of thousands of available applications. In this SMA webcast, we explore many of the most useful apps for the Apple iPad (given its dominant share of the tablet market). Our panel of thought leaders will showcase their favorite sales-related iPad applications, while discussing larger trends impacting tablet usage by sales organizations. 

Q. Can a power point presentation with video be used in SlideShark?
A. PowerPoint with embedded video will be supported soon. It is currently on our public road map for a release this summer!

Q.  Could brainshark be used to train remote reps?

A. Yes. Brainshark is used extensively by companies to train remote reps.  It is used for formal education (on-boarding and continuing via video portals and curriculums) and informal education (market and product updates, departmental communications, timely sales trainings, research etc.) Along with these applications, Brainshark is also used by reps to communicate to their audiences in video  by personalizing marketing-approved content (demos, overviews) or building video presentations themselves using voice, PowerPoint and other accessible content (ie, a proposal overview).

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