How Brainshark Can Rock Social Media at Your Company

How Brainshark Can Rock Social Media at Your Company
June 5, 2012

Social media is everywhere, of course, and companies are now employing private social media solutions in order to more effectively engage their employees.  Platforms like Yammer, Jive, and Chatter have thrived in recent years, enabling hundreds of thousands of companies to provide better, more manageable communications to and between employees. But the success of these platforms is largely based upon the availability of useful content for people to consume, share and talk about. And the type of content that facilitates the most engagement on social platforms is often video.

That’s where Brainshark can help. Companies like Hewlett-Packard, EMC and many others use Brainshark video presentations to improve the value of their social media platforms and increase the reach of their communications. Some content creators avoid video, though, since it can be costly and time-consuming, but because Brainshark is so easy to use that almost any authorized employee can leverage existing skills to create a video presentation, and then make it available using social media.

Employees at HP, for example, embed Brainshark presentation thumbnails into their social posts. When someone clicks on one of the thumbnails, a presentation opens in a separate window for easy viewing.  It’s a great way to reach salespeople in the field, inform the company about any updates in benefits or policies, or provide easily-accessible executive communications.  Plus, you can use the built-in tracking and reporting to gauge the impact of your communications.

If you’re trying to reach an audience outside the corporate firewall, Brainshark is equally valuable.  Brainshark links or thumbnails can be inserted easily into any social media site, or you can optionally enable viewers to share online presentations they’re watching to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites. You can even or make use of Brainshark’s “Publish to YouTube” feature or embed Brainshark video presentations directly inside blog or other web pages in which you can insert HTML. 

Bottom line? Cost, time, and experience don’t have to be barriers to driving a powerful internal or external social program. Brainshark is a great complement to your social media strategy by allowing everyone on your team to easily create, share, and track the content that fuels your social networks!