Creating Impactful Tutorials with Brainshark

Creating Impactful Tutorials with Brainshark
June 8, 2012

I create tutorials for our customers. The tutorials are posted on the website in the help section. They are fun to watch, very interactive, have music and voiceover.

My greatest challenge was to make the tutorials fun and worth watching. I wanted to address the topics that our customers were having the most problems with. The main goal was to decrease the call volumes and the time associates were spending on the phone, explaining how to use the website.

I created a presentation in Camtasia Studio and then uploaded the video to the Brainshark. It works great! Before I started my project on Brainshark tutorials, I had never had any experience in creating Brainshark presentations or videos in Camtasia Studio. I spent a week on learning how to use both programs and how to make them compatible. I have to thank Brainshark associates! They were very helpful and had answers to all my questions. The Live Chat is a very useful tool. I used it several times and each time I got the answer I needed very fast.

So far, I have created 16 tutorials and the videos look very professional. I never thought I would be able to create something like that. We got over 500 views on one tutorial in the first 2 days. I have also created a Survey on each tutorial so viewers can provide a feedback I can use to improve the tutorials. So far 99% of responses I have received are positive. Most of our customers find the tutorials very helpful. Our call volumes have decreased greatly. Even if the customer calls for help, the associate can simply direct him or her to the appropriate video. Therefore instead of having 40-minute conversation on where to go and what to click, our associate can finish the call in 5 minutes.

My work was recognized not only by our customers, but also by other departments. The tutorials I have created are used as a training tool for new associates.

We are currently planning to launch a new business and have some customers for our pilot project. I was asked to create tutorials also for its new website.

When I started in my current role, creating the Brainshark tutorials was just one of the projects I had. Now it compirses more than 90% of my time at work. It seems creating Brainshark tutorials and working on improving them might become my full time job.