Got Some Brainshark Feedback? We Want to Hear it!

Got Some Brainshark Feedback? We Want to Hear it!
June 19, 2012

Sometimes, success is triumph over failure. Other times it is reaching, or even surpassing, a goal. And yet other times, success is simply about facing a challenge head on, expanding upon skill sets to address a problem, and even if the desired result is not achieved, fostering strength in unforeseen ways.

On the Support team, we truly believe that “We are not successful until you are.” It’s time we put that to the test.

While we hear ample “Shark Love”, actively observe positive and rewarding product use cases, and constantly experience “Shark-cesses”, there has been no formal mechanism in place to adequately capture these stories. Sure, blog posts and testimonials have emerged from customers, but what about a regular feedback forum?

It is with great pleasure that, on behalf of the Customer Support/Success team, we introduce our latest initiative: The Survey.

Following each interaction with our Support team, you will receive an email that links to our Survey. This will provide you a low-pressure, optional way to give us a spot check, let us know how we’re doing, and how we can better enable your Brainshark experience. Further, it will provide a way for you to keep in touch with us, share your thoughts, and celebrate your successes.

[However, feel free to submit your feedback to the survey whenever you like, even if it’s not directly following a Support interaction.]

If you are particularly excited about a Brainshark endeavor, we have a Follow-Up Survey you can choose to engage in as well. Simply fill out the questions here with the details of your success story. There is no pressure to even make them into coherent sentences; bullets will do. As long as we can grasp why you used Brainshark, how you used Brainshark, the elements of your success, and your experience (if any) with the Support team, we can take care of the rest -- turning your thoughts into narrative and sharing them out with the rest of the Brainshark community, so that everyone can benefit from your efforts.

We look forward to your feedback and can’t wait to take your experiences, build on them as we continue to improve, and turn them into successful content of their own.