Mobile Video Ads Send User Engagement through the Roof

Mobile Video Ads Send User Engagement through the Roof
June 14, 2012

You don’t have to look very hard to find evidence that video is an uber-effective form of online marketing – it seems to be everywhere these days!

The latest example: rich media add company Medialets recently released a study stating that engagement rates for mobile video ads were 35% higher in Q1 2012 when compared to other “video-less” promotions. In other words, on average, companies are seeing a major jump in the effectiveness of their mobile ad campaigns just by including some type of video messaging. And you wonder why more video has topped the marketing wish list for 2012.

Now keep in mind the data here is based on ads enabled for the Medialets platform specifically, but with over 200 publishers included in the study, the numbers are still telling. Obviously, mobile devices are more popular now than they were even this time last year, as is usage and mobile browsing among buyers and consumers. So while the fact that companies are investing more in mobile marketing content is no surprise, the best way to market that content effectively is still very much part of an ongoing discussion. Based on this data, however, it’s clear that video is quickly rising to the top of the best practices list.

Here are a few other key takeaways from the report that I found especially interesting:

- The average time spent on mobile ads, according to Medialets, was about 20 seconds. However, incorporating a short video into those promotions could at times raise that engagement to over 1 full minute. Not only does this further reinforce the value of video in mobile marketing, but it also drives home the point that shorter messages work best in online video – especially when it comes to mobile content.

- The report states that 30% of tablet app ads currently include video, compared to over 12% of smartphone aps (which is no surprise if you assume tablets are a preferable device for viewing video content). In addition, ClickZ compared the previous year’s data to find that “mobile rich media advertising campaigns using multiple device environments” rose from 20% to 40%.

- That last point is interesting in what it says about “multiple device environments.” What this means is that more companies are creating content that spans across many devices and operating systems, from handsets to tablets, Android to iOS. As Medialets’ Elena Perez points out, marketers are now “embracing a broader definition of mobile.”

So as you can see, we have some very interesting data here. And while the numbers are based on app-specific ads for mobile devices, the effectiveness of video in those materials translates to all forms of mobile marketing (like email and eLearning content, for example). For additional tips on improving your mobile marketing strategy with video, check out these resources below:

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