SlideShark Hits the Ocean Floor with NASA

June 22, 2012 | Jay Wilder
SlideShark Hits the Ocean Floor with NASA

It’s always fun to talk with customers about the cool and unique ways they use our products. For example, we recently heard from a NASA team that recently embarked on a training mission at the bottom of the sea – and they took SlideShark with them.

The NEEMO expedition (the name is an acronym for NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations) takes place at the underwater Aquarius habitat not far from Key Largo, Florida. The deep-sea conditions allow astronauts to simulate a space-like environment without the bother of, you know, leaving the planet. Earlier this month, three astronauts, two aquanauts and a scientist spent 12 days training underwater to learn how to best optimize asteroid mission scenarios during space exploration.

The crew was equipped with iPad 2 devices, and the team was looking for a way to present this first-time training via PowerPoint. They required iPad support for PowerPoint animations and video, as well as team member access to all presentations, even when an internet connection wasn’t available.

SlideShark enabled the team to have joint access to all of the approved content for the mission, accessed directly from their iPads with animations, fonts and graphics intact. And while the current 1.7 edition of SlideShark does not support video with sound, we were able to push this feature out to them as a beta offering for the mission. (Note: The fully-baked video feature is part of our product roadmap and will be available to all users in an upcoming release.)

To learn more about the NEEMO mission and its team, check out the NASA – NEEMO webpage and – you guessed it – follow them on Twitter @NASA_NEEMO.

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