SlideShark v1.7: Folders^* AirPlay^* Background Music^* and more

June 11, 2012 | David Klein
SlideShark v1.7: Folders^* AirPlay^* Background Music^* and more

(UPDATE: Guess what -- we've added more stuff! Check out our SlideShark topic page for details on the latest SlideShark features and releases.)

Our latest update to SlideShark (v1.7) has gone live this morning in answer to many requests for some really valuable, new features. For Team Edition users, the big news is advanced user permissions to content; and for the individual users, there are some key features that will allow you to have a better viewing and presentation experience.

Team Edition Folders: Permission-based Access

Folders are used to both manage content and control user access to content. This latter case is very important when managing a number of teams, departments or channels – each of which requires access to different and unique content.  This is handled through the use of folders. Administrators can now set up folders and assign team members to each.  For example, the Sales Management folder can include all of the Sales Managers while the General Sales folder can include both the Sales Reps and Sales Managers. When Sal, the Sales Manager logs into his app, he’ll see content from both folders, while Sally the Sales Rep will only see content from one folder. 

The Administrator can also determine whether team members have the ability to place content into a particular folder, or if they can only view the content with no additional rights to the folder.  This is on top of their ability to limit the members to upload content into their private folder or the one visible to everyone.

Support for AirPlay

We’ve had a lot of requests for the ability to take advantage of AppleTV’s AirPlay. We’ve hooked up a number of projectors in the office to AppleTV devices and can now project SlideShark wirelessly. It’s great to be able to sit anywhere at the table and have control over the projection without playing musical chairs. Double-hit your home button and swipe left-to-right until you see your media controller. Tap the AirPlay button and select your projector or TV. If you’re in an office, contact your IT department to set this up as there are certain technical accommodations that might need to be made with your network.

Support for background music

Those of you who enjoy listening to music while perusing your content can now do so.  We’ve enabled it so that you can run your music app (iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, etc.) in the background and still flip through your slides.

Easier navigation

You’re in a presentation and then – ACK -you’ve swiped too far and are on the next slide.  We’ve improved the “swipe-back” gesture to now go back one animation (in the past you went to the beginning of the slide).  This makes it easier to move at a more natural pace.

Security and battery life

We know that security and battery life are concerns, so unless SlideShark knows that you’re presenting, uploading or downloading content, it will now honor your profile’s Screen Lock rules making the iPad go to sleep after a certain amount of time.  You can adjust that time in the device’s Settings area. 

Higher impact reporting

We’re always challenging the ways to make the app perform or look better, so we’ve improved the graphical reports showing how many people viewed shared content. This feature is reserved for Plus and Team Edition users.

We hope that you enjoy this latest update.  As always, if it makes you happy, please do share your rating and review on the AppStore.  If you have any issues, get in touch with our great Support Team. And if you have any requests for new features, just click Send Feedback in your app.

Speaking of new features, we’re working on a doozie that I know you’ll all love.  More to come soon…


David Klein

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