Are Tablets Now the Preferred Tool for Salespeople?

Are Tablets Now the Preferred Tool for Salespeople?
June 19, 2012

Back in April, I wrote a guest post for Tab Times on the emergence of tablets in the enterprise and how mobile sales forces can take advantage. There are lots of reported benefits, with using PowerPoint for tablets with apps like SlideShark being one example of how salespeople can present on their products and solutions anytime, anywhere.

I’m hardly the first person to make this point, however, and ever since I wrote that article, I’ve come across a bunch of posts from folks offering their own interesting takes on the role of tablets in sales. (You know how when you buy a new car, you suddenly start noticing whenever you pass another of the same make and model on the street? I guess it’s kind of like that.)

Anyway, here are a few cool resources on how iPads and tablets are being used for sales enablement that are definitely worth checking out.

Why the iPad is a Salesperson’s Best Friend (GigaOM)

Darrell Etherington cites an Information Week report on how iPads can successfully replace laptops for business use. He writes, “Using an iPad as a presentation tool… is natural. The tablet is easily passed around, can be read like a magazine, and can also output to external displays with less hassle and fewer steps than a laptop.”

Report: Enterprise Tablet Requests Outnumber Smartphones 3-to-1 (ReadWriteWeb)

As tablets become more popular with employees worldwide, Dan Rowinski notes that salespeople are easily the most likely to request a tablet for work purposes. “Salespeople are often the most connected in the workforce,” he writes. “[They] tend to make the most phone calls and are out and about more often with a need for quick access to information and presentations.”

Seven Tips for Outfitting Your Sales Team with Tablets (TechRepublic)

“Sales teams are ideal candidates for tablets, but organizations need to build them out as a sales productivity tool,” explains Will Kelly, who goes on to offer to some great ideas for an effective tablet implementation.

Are Your Marketing Assets Tablet-Ready? (ADAM Software)

In this post, Jan Dejosse offers some reasons why more companies should keep mobile in mind when developing marketing materials – especially when it’s for sales enablement. As he explains, “Tablets are proving to be highly effective selling tools. They enable sales reps to deliver interactive presentations, and with the right applications, they allow salespeople to access live information and internal sales resources on a real-time basis.”

Nine Powerful Business Uses for Tablet Computers (Information Week)

This slideshow from Chris Murphy highlights a lot of difference use cases for tablets, but naturally takes the time to highlight high-end sales. He also shares some interesting thoughts on the types of content mobile sales reps require, particularly customizable, “tablet-ready” presentations.

For more on how salespeople can leverage tablets to improve the selling process, check out these seven short tips for presenting from your iPad from Irwin Hipsman.