How Insurance Firm ACE Group Trains with Brainshark

How Insurance Firm ACE Group Trains with Brainshark
March 2, 2012

I’ve been a Brainshark customer for several years and even introduced my new colleagues at Combined Insurance (an ACE company) to the product when they needed a platform to create and deliver training videos to their field sales force. 

ACE has been a Brainshark customer for 5 years. We use Brainshark routinely to create SCORM-compliant training for our employees around the world. It’s quick and it’s easy. It lets us work with subject matter experts in whatever country they might be located to create, review, narrate, and test content. The content integrates seamlessly with our LMS. Brainshark has seen us through a number of “training emergencies” over the years. If you need to disseminate training or information quickly – this is the tool. 

Brainshark was central to a recent onboarding initiative undertaken by my department for employees globally. On joining the company, every employee receives an email about training and development opportunities within the company. They are linked from there to a 5-minute Brainshark introducing them to new employee training and our system for managing their professional development. The program has not only ensured a single consistent message about training is being heard by all new employees, but it has saved my department time that used to be spent providing demos, answering questions, and fielding support issues.

One thing I really like about the Brainshark platform is the solid integration with Powerpoint. Using Powerpoint animations, you can approximate flash videos without the development overhead needed for flash. I also appreciate the flexible audio support and tools in Brainshark – I can have my SMEs record by the phone, import sound clips, or use custom narration files prepared in Audacity.

And I love the way the Brainshark company is constantly innovating and rolling out new product features to us. From i-pod creation to new business-purpose templates to personalization features and support for Live Meeting recordings. Most recently I’ve been using TipCam for Brainshark and very quickly and easily creating and posting how-to videos to Brainshark that show our employees and managers how to use the various features of our LMS. Seldom do I need to schedule a web conference anymore to “demo” our LMS. I just send them an email with a link to the relevant Brainshark tutorial – saving me valuable time.

Check out these two short clips I’ve taken from a couple of our recent brainshark projects, highlighting some interesting powerpoint animations

Sample 1 – free sound clip and basic animation

Sample 2 – use of basic animation and motion paths