A March Madness Win for your Brainshark Presentation

A March Madness Win for your Brainshark Presentation
March 21, 2012

March is upon us. The air is ripe with anticipation as bracketologists from every generation anxiously, zealously, passionately await their fate in office pools across the country - desperately hoping that their Cinderella doesn’t make an early exit from the big dance. Yes, the Madness has commenced! From the casual follower, to the most ardent of college basketball fans, March Madness tempts the competitive spirit and ignites rivalries young and old in hopes of watching their team advance to the next round. Often, just one point stands between victory and defeat.

Creating Brainshark content is not dissimilar to preparing for the NCAA big dance, as it is those crucial points down the stretch that ultimately ensure that your content wins! From the Brainshark Success Team coaching staff, here’s what you will need to lead your presentation to a 10 point victory!

00:01 Game Plan- The X’s and O’s - Laying out your game plan is just as important in content creation as it is in basketball. Use slide titles and chapter titles to guide viewers through your presentation.

00:02 Roster Photo - Let your presence be known! Add an author photo to give your presentation a touch of personalization.

00:03 The Jump Ball - Win the tap with a captivating first slide. Grab your viewers’ attention with a clear, concise introduction to your presentation, and simple, yet appealing graphics.

00:04 The Play-By-Play - Bring some Dick Vitale energy to the audio, and your presentation will be “awesome, baby- unbelievable!”  Along with enthusiasm, the intonation in your voice will supplement the slide content to highlight the most important elements of your message.

00:05 The Shot Clock - When planning audio duration, think of each slide as having a shot clock. Some topics, just like some plays on the basketball court, require the full shot clock to really score, while others are more effectively executed in just a few seconds. Varying slide duration will keep your viewers alert and focused on your message the same way a solid offense keeps the defense on their toes.

00:06 Media Timeout - Utilize the attachments tab to include supplementary media, such as documents, videos, and websites.

00:07 A Little Crowd Interaction - Sitting back and watching the game is always great, but when the face-painted super fans initiate the first call and response rally chant, the crowd becomes instantly more engaged and invested in the outcome. The same is true with interacting with your presentation’s audience! Add a variety of question slides to keep your viewers engaged, and also to help you gather valuable information about your audience.

00:08 The 6th Man - The unsung hero, the spark off the bench, that crucial final piece of the puzzle that propels a team from average, to extraordinary! The Brainshark player options, such as email a question, share to social media, and display slide notes, can boost your presentation to the top echelons of on-demand content!

00:09 A Hint of Bobby Knight - Let’s see some animation! While a chair thrown across your slides might be a tad extreme, don’t be afraid to use a set of complementary animations to systematically focus your viewers’ attention on specific slide content as your audio introduces these points.    

00:10 Overtime- You put together a dynamic forty minutes of regulation action, and now you’re in overtime looking for the perfect play to clinch the victory. Add a video slide or URL slide to your presentation to highlight a customer testimonial, or drive traffic to your website. 

With all the tools for a 10 point win, your presentation is sure to make the Final Four!

…If only your bracket picks had been so fortunate!

And if you ever need a post-game summary from the experts, be sure to submit your presentation(s) to our Presentation Success Review!