SlideShark v1.5 - Share presentations^* track results^* and much more!

March 14, 2012 | David Klein
SlideShark v1.5 - Share presentations^* track results^* and much more!

(UPDATE: Guess what -- we've added more stuff! Check out our SlideShark topic page for details on the latest SlideShark features and releases.)

The latest version of SlideShark (v1.5) now includes the following features:


How often have you finished presenting to your audience and heard, “any chance I can get a copy of that deck?”  With the latest update to SlideShark, your response can now be, “why, yes you can!”  With the new release, not only can you share your content face-to-face with your audience, but now you can also share an on-demand version of the presentation afterwards and obtain tracking on its viewing activity. Sending a link to your presentation from within the SlideShark App or website will enable your recipients to view a read-only, on-demand online presentation (utilizing the Brainshark Presentation player) that they can view from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. What’s more, you can receive an instant email alert informing you each time someone views so you can gain visibility into your follow-ups and react appropriately. Individuals with free accounts can obtain a basic email report communication while Plus and Team Edition users can see not only who viewed but also which slides, in what order, when, and for how long.

In addition to sharing the link via email to your contacts, you can also easily share the link to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to take advantage of social viewing opportunities.

For Team Edition accounts, Team Edition Administrators have control over whether or not team members can share particular content, so you can enable your users to maximize the use of this feature while maintaining proper content sharing control.

Please note that the shared on-demand version of your presentation will not reflect local changes made on the iPad (via the hide or re-order slides editing features) but will show the original version of your presentation.

Re-order Slides 

We’ve expanded the set of presentation editing tools like the widely used Hide Slides feature. Now, you can also re-order slides prior to your meeting by simply tapping the slide you want to move, followed by a tap to its new spot.


Have a lot of presentations and want to keep a subset at your fingertips? Tap the new star icon next to any presentation to make it a Favorite.  Then, easily access all of your “Favorite” content by tapping the star tab on the left hand side of the app.


Need something more than Favorites to find that particular piece of content? Use the new in-app search feature to fetch it.  Type in a word and the app will search through presentation titles and authors to retrieve the best list.

Delete Content

We’ve made it easier to delete content from your account even while in the App. Previously you only had the ability to remove files from your iPad and needed to use the website to fully delete the content from your account.  We’ve now added the option to delete content from your online account from within the App as well. 

Adminstration Link

Now, Team Edition Administrators can more easily log into their Admin account by tapping “Administration” on the Settings fly-out (tap the “gear” icon in the App’s lower left corner).  This allows admins to easily access their web-based panels for user and permissions management, content management, and reporting dashboards from the App on the iPad.

Improving Experiences

Occasionally, we see uploaded PowerPoint files that are either password protected or corrupted. Instead of showing a generic error message, which we’ve done to this point, we will now give you a detailed message explaining the issue, so you address it and get on to your end goal: presenting your slides in SlideShark. This is just one of many changes we have planned for the product to ensure a positive experience every time.

Enjoy the update and please continue to tell us what you think and what you’d like to see in future versions. 

And, as always, if you love it (and we hope that you do), please log a good review on the AppStore.


David Klein

Senior Product Director

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