Why Brainshark is Awesome by Gary Feltman

Why Brainshark is Awesome by Gary Feltman
March 23, 2012

Brainshark is one of the best resources ever. There are many reasons this is true.

I first learned of it through a Grad-school program. I created a presentation for a school project. It was the easiest application to learn, taking only minutes. Brainshark was compatible with Powerpoint - all I had to do was take my Powerpoint, combine it with Brainshark, and add audio to all of my slides. Then I emailed it to the students and professors in my program, along with several colleagues. Brainshark had the option of keeping the presentation secure, only allowing people with the link to view the presentation.

Brainshark improves presentations by enhancing powerful presentation tools that are already in place. Never again will I only use Powerpoint to create a presentation. I will always use Brainshark to accompany it. It is so easy to use - adding the audio is so easy, with just a few clicks. Also, saving it and storing the presentation in the cloud is simple and useful. Now, when I see other people making presentations using only Powerpoint, and not Brainshark, the experience is rather boring. I only wish they would know more about this tool.

Brainshark's emails, if you choose to get them, are always interesting, and never annoying. One of the best experiences I had with Brainshark, is that they asked me to complete a survey in return for an Amazon.com gift card. It was an easy survey, and I got the gift card. It seems that the company thrives on a hassle-free philosophy while providing an excellent service to all of its users. Every email Brainshark sends is an interesting and useful read. I'll never forget this experience. I used the gift card to buy a game for my daughter, and a book for myself.

The company chose an awesome name: Brainshark. That word is powerful. The brain is used to use and create many ideas, thoughts, plans through intelligence. The shark is one of the most powerful Ocean creatures. Brainshark is a powerful tool for online presentations, just like the name implies.

I think learning how to use Brainshark should be a requirement for anybody who uses presentations tools in any setting, especially government, education, medical, and other fields. The younger generations should be introduced to Brainshark as well. If younger students are introduced to it, they will find presentations more interesting, and word will spread much faster about how awesome Brainshark really is.