7 PowerPoint Writers to Follow Right Now

7 PowerPoint Writers to Follow Right Now
May 23, 2012

Here at the Brainshark Ideas Blog, we work hard to deliver practical tips to help folks create more impactful PowerPoint slides and presentations. Of course, the Web is also home to a ton of other talented PowerPoint writers, bloggers and presentation consultants. 

Below is a short list some of the top PowerPoint minds on the ‘Net these days, each with their own unique takes on how business professionals can dig deep into PowerPoint and take their presentations to the next level. Also, be sure to check out our own PowerPoint Resources page for more tips and tricks, along with the different ways you can leverage PowerPoint on your iPad tablets.

Rick Altman, The Presentation Summit

An expert on presentation content and delivery, Rick also hosts the annual Presentation Summit, a three-day conference where folks can learn to create better, more effective presentations (with a focus on PowerPoint, of course). He’s also written many books on working with graphics and presentations, including the fantastically titled Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck & How You Can Make Them Even Better.

Follow on Twitter -- @rickaltman

Geetesh Bajaj, Indezine.com

A Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Geetesh is the author of several books, including Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit. His blog is updated often with a variety of PowerPoint tips and ideas, as well as frequent Q&A interviews with industry experts and vendor reps in the world of presenting.

Follow on Twitter -- @Geetesh

Brent Dykes, PowerPoint Ninja

Tech consultant by day, PowerPoint Ninja by night, Brent’s blog is a popular resource that covers everything from PowerPoint fonts and animations to presentation planning and delivery. He’s also super modest. “I don’t profess to know everything about PowerPoint. However, I am eager to share insights and learn tricks from other PowerPoint ninjas out there,” he writes on his site. He’s recently published his first book, Web Analytics Action Hero.

Follow on Twitter -- @pptninja

Ellen Finkelstein, Ellen Finkelstein, Inc.

Ellen is one of the most popular presentation writers in the business, penning several books that have sold over 300,000 copies. In addition to authoring PowerPoint-centric texts like How to Do Everything with PowerPoint 2007, she also provides online eBooks, such as 101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know. In addition, Ellen manages an active blog and has been a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP since 2010.

Follow on Twitter -- @EFinkelstein

Dave Paradi, ThinkOutsidetheSlide.com

Dave is a popular presentation consultant and trainer with a specific goal – to help “presenters communicate more effectively using persuasive presentations.” In addition to his work at ThinkOutsidetheSlide.com, he also maintains his own blog with a slew of tips for creating better presentations and slides. He’s also written several books, most recently 102 Tips to Communicate More Effectively Using PowerPoint

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Wendy Russell, Presentation Software

Chances are if you’ve ever done a Google search for PowerPoint tips, you’ve stumbled across one of Wendy’s posts at some point or another. For the past 16 years, she’s worked to create better presentations and train others on how to do the same. Her About.com blog covers everything from the basics of using presentation software like PowerPoint to the advanced tips you need to know, with a heck of a lot more in between.

Follow on Twitter -- @AboutPresenting

Jon Thomas, Presentation Advisors

As founder of Presentation Advisors, Jon is a chief authority on helping professionals become better storytellers. He maintains an active blog covering all aspects of presentation and design, with a lot of focus placed on working with PowerPoint specifically. For examples of some of his best work, check out this compilation of his favorite PowerPoint design posts (just be warned -- he doesn’t “play nice with bullet points”).

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