7 Short Tips for Presenting from Your iPad

7 Short Tips for Presenting from Your iPad
May 17, 2012

A few months ago, I wrote about being one of the first people to take the risk and present PowerPoint slides in front of an audience using an iPad with the SlideShark App. Now that the newest SlideShark release (v1.6) offers greater options for presenters, I thought it would be helpful to write about my experiences presenting with an iPad at the just completed 7-city Stories That Sell Tour.

In order to present, I obtained a Dongle a.k.a. Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adaptor (costs about $25) which connects my iPad to the projector cable. I also purchased a Padlette Tablet Handle (photo below) from Amazon for another $20 and was ready to stand up in front of an audience.


1.    Place the Tablet Handle on your iPad so it does not cover any of the iPad controls.

2.    Hold the iPad with the button on the face of the iPad to the right. This will prevent any accidental pressing of the button. Lefties will want to do the opposite.

3.    Lock the rotation to keep the screen from suddenly flipping.

4.    Place the dongle under the Tablet Handle so the dongle does not disconnect from the iPad (there are no screws to lock the dongle to the iPad).

5.    View your presentation in either SlideShark’s Current Slide or Current with Notes Presenter Mode.

6.    Use the Tablet Handle to keep any notes tucked into the screen while still seeing the slides. Don’t slip your fingers underneath the table handle since it is too tight.

7.    Try to get an extra long VGA cable so you can walk around.

If there are going to be other presenters using a laptop, there is a $25 splitter from Trendnet that will let you very easily switch from iPad to Laptop and back to iPad. I have used it many times and it has never missed a beat. 

This, of course, does not address your slides and presentation style. For more on that topic, view this fantastic 15-minute presentation by UK-based Bright Carbon on Using the iPad for Sales Conversations.