Support Means Supporting Every Question

Support Means Supporting Every Question
May 3, 2012

“There is no such thing as a bad question.”

We all have undoubtedly heard this before. It has been touted to us since elementary school, and even at a corporate level, we are encouraged to ask anything, no matter how seemingly silly, rudimentary, or obvious.

Yet, many calls to the Support team start with “This is probably a stupid question, but…” No matter how many times we assure otherwise, this remains a popular conversation and case opener.

Well, as the Director of Customer Support, I am here to tell you, once and for all, that there is nothing you can ask that is stupid or out of the question. We are here to assist you with any question or concern you may have, even if it means reassuring you in what you already know, directing you to the right people to address your inquiry, or stepping outside the box a little to help out. Let me elaborate with some examples:

One customer reported issues accessing Brainshark due to internet error. After troubleshooting tirelessly, it was determined that the issue stemmed from a lack of internet connectivity – a result of the customer camping out in the woods and failing to realize there would not be an internet signal while in the woods. Nonetheless, we were able to figure out and address the problem.

Another customer bought a USB microphone in order to record Brainshark presentations according to best practices. When he encountered issues with the USB microphone functioning on his computer, Tech Support was able to provide instruction on how to properly install his USB microphone to his computer and use it so as to optimize Brainshark recordings.

When a Brainshark user registered for a webinar but was not able to access it, Support successfully connected the user with our Marketing team, the hosts of the webinar, so that no time or content was lost.

Similarly, a person gained interest in Brainshark due to the blog on using EZ Texting in conjunction with Brainshark for a snazzy SMS Marketing campaign. Even though this person was neither a Brainshark customer nor an EZ Texting client, we provided further information about both products and successfully connected the person to the EZ Texting Support team so that the idea could be explored further.

And finally, when a client reported an error message when viewing Brainshark content with Internet Explorer 8, a Support rep, with no prior knowledge about the error and how it would affect Brainshark viewing, resourcefully utilized Google to identify the problem. Although it ultimately did not stem from Brainshark, the root cause was determined and the client was appropriately referred to the company’s IT department for assistance.

These are just samples of the many kinds of questions we receive. As you can see, there is nothing we cannot attempt to handle, even if it does not ultimately boil down to a Support or even a Brainshark matter. So, if anything is on your mind, anything at all, you know who to contact – Brainshark Support is happy to help and available virtually 24/7 by web, phone, chat, and e-mail. All you need to do is reach out.