Webinar Follow-Up Best Practices with BrightCarbon

May 07, 2012 | BrightCarbon
Webinar Follow-Up Best Practices with BrightCarbon

We’ve been running a series of PowerPoint master-classes over the last few weeks. We used these free online classes (short webinars) just to connect with people we had met at a couple of shows, give something of value to the community, and test the water for our forthcoming BrightSparks PowerPoint Training Course.

The events were well-received, and we got good numbers registering and attending. What’s interesting though – and I think this is pretty standard – is that only about 50% of those registering actually showed up for the event.

Some of those who registered probably knew in advance that they wouldn’t make it – but wanted access to a recording of the event. Others probably expected to make it, but just couldn’t attend on the day. A good number of those who missed a master-class asked us for a recording. So did some of those who did attend.

So, did we record the 30-minute master-class and send out the recording? No. We took the slides that were presented, and used them to record a 5-6 minute Brainshark, and sent that out instead. Why?

  1. Because sitting through webinar recordings is boring. It takes too long. I’m not sure why this is – after all, if you don’t ask a question it shouldn’t matter if the webinar is live or not – but somehow it does. It’s harder to remain focused on a webinar recording than on a live webinar.

  2. Because we want people to know that they get something a bit extra if they attend our live events. A bit more detail, a bit more interaction – in return for a commitment of time and attention.

  3. Because the chance that someone who missed the event will watch the five-minute recording is higher than that they will watch the 30-minute recording.

  4. Because a five-minute summary is shareable – something people might pass on to their colleagues. This helps us build an audience for future events – in the series, but also just in general.

  5. Because a Brainshark recording is easier to navigate, and generally higher quality, than a webinar recording.

Take a look at one example of what we shared:

View the presentation in a separate window.

We haven’t been asked for the full recordings yet – and at the moment, we don’t plan to share them.

We’re running our next series of master classes – on presentation skills – each Wednesday for three weeks, starting on 16 May. Register for free, and see how we follow-up.

For more webinar tips, check out the Ideas Blog "webinar strategy" tag and Brainshark's Webinar Strategy Whitepaper.

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