Announcing the November iPad Winner

Announcing the November iPad Winner
November 30, 2012

November Blog Contest WinnerIt’s that time again, time to announce the winner of a new iPad from this month’s blog contest! The winner of the November blog contest is Jill Hartman, AVP Marketing Communications, Ohio National!

Jill’s post, featured below, touches on Ohio National’s many uses of Brainshark, and even highlights her favorite Brainshark features. Again this month we received many excellent submissions which we look forward to posting over the coming months. Additionally, we will be drawing five more names from the hat to receive Brainshark goodie bags, AND don’t forget, you still have one more chance to win an iPad before the end of the year! Thanks to all the participants in this month’s contest, and make sure to enter the December blog contest by submitting your Brainshark story.

How Ohio National Uses Brainshark for Enrollment and Recruiting

In my role at Ohio National, I communicate with our distributors (life insurance agents) across the country. Prior to Brainshark, we relied heavily on printed communications – such as flyers and brochures – to communicate our messages. Now, with each communication, we incorporate a digital element. That digital element could simply be including information in our weekly email, or website content. But, if we want more attention, impact and action ... we develop and launch a Brainshark as part of our communication plan.

Using Brainshark for Enrollment Push
The last time I used Brainshark, I was the author of the presentation. I was sending out a communication to our agents asking them to enroll in a “retirement plan” that is unique to Ohio National. We sent a letter from sales management along with a 4-page promotional brochure and an enrollment form. For more information, we directed them to a Brainshark presentation.

With the Brainshark presentation, we were able to use audio and visuals to explain the plan. We were able to show them the potential of the plan using charts that “grew” as the potential funds in their plan increased. Another helpful feature of Brainsharks is the “attachment” tab. Posting a PDF of the plan enrollment form made the Brainshark more effective – the agent can sign-up for the plan directly from the Brainshark.

In prior years, we embedded a video in this particular Brainshark. We had an agent provide a testimonial about what the plan did for them in terms of saving money for retirement. Our agents like to hear from other agents, so using video was a good solution for this.

Using Brainshark for Recruiting
Another recent use of Brainshark was for supporting our recruiting efforts. We are always looking for more quality agents to join Ohio National. We created a generic recruiting Brainshark presentation called "Build Your Business" with the purpose of providing prospective agents an introduction to our company. We quickly realized that to make the presentation more effective, it should come from the local recruiter instead of the company. We’ve found that the more personal the Brainshark is, the more effective it is. We recognized that the relationship begins with our local recruiter, not with our company.

So, we were able to personalize the intro and closing of the Brainshark with the recruiter's voice and photo, while keeping the core content.

The local recruiter was thrilled to be able to email a voice enriched customized presentation to prospective agents.

Brainshark Features
The best feature of Brainshark presentations for us is reporting. You can see who views your content and for how long. When this information is shared with sales management, they are able to take action – whether it’s just to see what topics our agents are most interested in, or if they are able to make follow-up phone calls to ask for more business.

Another important Brainshark feature is the ability to record audio for presentations using a microphone. When we first purchased a Brainshark subscription, ease-of-use was one of our most important considerations. Recording a presentation right from your desk on the telephone was impressive. After we developed several Brainsharks and learned about the ability to record the audio using a microphone, we started using a microphone as well. We also found voice talent right in our department and use her for every recording. By using a professional-sounding voice, along with the crisp, clean audio, we have made our presentations more professional.

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